• June 18, 2024

Carla Spalding Files for Congress

 Carla Spalding Files for Congress
Plantation, FL – Carla Spalding, has formally filed to run for Congress in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.
Spalding has filed the fee with the Secretary of State’s office securing her placement on the Primary ballot on August 23rd. She is seeking the Republican nomination and will challenge the seat currently held by incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

As our next Congresswoman, Spalding will work to put America and it’s citizens first.

In her announcement “I’m not a politician, or a lawyer, nor a lobbyist. I am a proud naturalized American, Navy Veteran, Registered Nurse, College Professor, a published author and a single working parent.”

She has a Masters Degree in Nursing/Education and works at a local college as a clinical instructor.

She’s a Jamaican immigrant who came to America at 18 years old and became a citizen legally.

Unlike the ruling class of career politicians, she has the real life experience to make a positive difference for you. It is time for a change. Our country cannot afford another 2 years of the stranglehold of the professional politicians.

Spalding is a COVID-19 Rapid Responder. She understands what it takes to be a leader in the Health Care field. The key is not to be fearful but work cohesively with the guidelines.

She will work to lower the cost of pharmaceutical drugs and bring manufacturing back to the U.S. Spalding will also bring true solutions for mental health and drug abuse, drive new business into South Florida and take care of our veterans.

Spalding supports ending illegal immigration and is strongly opposed to using taxpayer dollars for reparations for illegals.

Spalding will work to honor our veterans and help provide better services to them.

While serving veterans at the local VA, she was awarded Nurse of the Year in 2013. Spalding also served as a College Advisory Curriculum Board member, and a former Board Member with the Salvation Army in South Florida.

Spalding vows to implement necessary changes in Washington.

She loves this country and what President Trump is doing for this nation.

Meet Carla, experience her wisdom, listen to her passion, and join her campaign at: carlaspaldingforcongress.com

Carla Spalding
Republican For Congress
● Mail: 1856 N Nob Hill Road #296
Plantation, Florida 33322
● Telephone: 1-754-777-8318
● https://carlaspaldingforcongress.com

Contact: Michael Coker @ 954. 687. 2095

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