• February 28, 2024

CDC Has Warnings for You

 CDC Has Warnings for You

Dr. Mandy Cohen


Here we go again.

We don’t know what the Left has in store for us this year after the pandemic lockdowns, but we are on alert. The CDC director, Mandy K. Cohen, is sending out some mild warnings again.

She suggests you vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, get tested, and order your free tests, mask up, stay out of large groups, and don’t worry, the CDC will share information with you as soon as they have it.

They are hyping the RSV virus and want you to get a vaccination if you are over 60. So far, only a little over 6,000 elderly have died annually from the RSV virus in a nation with about 74.6 million people over 60.

Please give it a rest, Mandy. We can figure it out without the government’s help.


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