• April 14, 2024

Chanel Rion’s Big Announcement!

 Chanel Rion’s Big Announcement!

Ann Vandersteel – Investigator Reporter / Host

Steel Truth
Chanel Rion Takes on the WH Correspondents Association! Newly Organized National White House Correspondents Association Launches, Offers Counterpoint to 117-Year-Old White House Correspondents’ Association Founder Calls Existing Organization “Exclusionary” An “Old Boys’ Club” of “Press Bullies” Operating Rent Free on White House Grounds, Without Legal Standing Chanel Rion, Chief White House Correspondent for One America News Network (OAN), announced today, the formal launch of the National White House Correspondents Association (NWHCA). Rion’s newly formed correspondents’ organization has begun accepting applications by invitation only. NWHCA’s first phase mission aims to accomplish the following: – Bring more balance and diverse questions in the White House briefing room – Foster meaningful discussion and debate at the White House – Restore free and open press coverage in the briefing room and coverage of the White House The NWHCA seeks to restore balance and diversity of viewpoints in White House news coverage. The American public is served best when all voices are heard and the President’s message is unfiltered. According to Rion the WHCA has maneuvered almost all balance and diversity out of the White House correspondents’ pool and briefing room demonstrating daily that they consider America’s free press the exclusive property of the “progressive” reformers of Washington. This is not representative of a free and balanced press. NWHCA’s presence at the White House will create a healthier atmosphere for our nation. Our republic thrives best when all viewpoints are considered and discussed. SteelTruth is NOW LIVESTREAMING on MORE channels! cloutHub and your SMART TV on GFWN.TV https://www.clouthub.com/steeltruth https://globalfinancialwealth.net/ GFWN.TV GFWN TV Roku, Amazon, Apple Smart TV Channels Chanel Rion: https://twitter.com/ChanelRion https://www.chanelrion.com/ https://twitter.com/ChanelRion/status… https://www.nwhca.press/ https://d14627a5-cdb4-4114-86ce-f3ae7… Never Miss a Show Again! Show sponsor: Sovereign Advisors https://sovereignadvisors.net/pages/v… Email: Media and Sponsor questions: [email protected] Email Tips: [email protected] https://www.clouthub.com/steeltruth https://globalfinancialwealth.net/ GFWN.TV GFWN TV Roku, Amazon, Apple Smart TV Channels
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