• December 2, 2023

CHANGE: President Emmanuel Macron Calls for ‘Ruthless’ Deportation of All Migrants With Ties to Islamic Extremism From France

 CHANGE: President Emmanuel Macron Calls for ‘Ruthless’ Deportation of All Migrants With Ties to Islamic Extremism From France

French President Emmanuel Macron is now calling for the deportation of all migrants with ties to Islamic extremism from the country following the recent Islam-inspired murder of a teacher there.

For anyone who has been paying attention, this move by Macron signifies a massive shift in thinking on this issue in France and Europe.

The city of Paris has been the site of numerous riots over the last few years, many of which stemmed from migrants who came to France from Islamic countries.

Breitbart News reports:

Macron Calls for ‘Ruthless’ Deportation of All Migrants with Ties to Islamic Extremism from France

French President Emmanuel Macron called for all radical Islamist migrants residing in France to be removed from the country in the wake of the suspected Islam-inspired assassination of a middle school teacher on Friday.

President Macron has tasked Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin to carry out a “ruthless” examination of the files of those who “carry hatred and terrorist ideologies” over the next 48 hours in order to remove foreign-born Islamists from France, Le Figaro reports.

It comes after Dominique Bernard, a middle school teacher in the city of Arras, was allegedly stabbed to death by a suspected Islamist named Mohamed Mogouchkov. The Russian-born suspect was reportedly on the country’s extremist watch list — referred to as having an “S file” — prior to the attack and had also reportedly been subject to a deportation order in 2014 that was successfully quashed by appeals from pro-migrant groups.

Darmanin has said out of the over 20,000 S files — not all of which remain active — there are at least 489 extremist foreigners who are considered to be a danger to the country residing in France.

Macron sounds like a liberal who has been mugged by reality.

BIG BREAKING NEWS – France to immediately deport and revoke visa of foreigners who are found involved in Pro Hamas protests

France President Emmanuel Macron said enough is enough and warned that all antisemitic acts and defending terrorism will now be dealt with “severely”… pic.twitter.com/2RNY0CSNuA

— Times Algebra (@TimesAlgebraIND) October 16, 2023

Amazing – I agree with something Macron Said!! Macron Calls for

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