• May 18, 2024

Chicago ‘Magnificent Mile’ Luxury Hotel Closed to Americans, Shelter for Illegal Immigrants Only

 Chicago ‘Magnificent Mile’ Luxury Hotel Closed to Americans, Shelter for Illegal Immigrants Only


Damn you, people of Chicago. Damn you for taking one of the greatest cities ever created in the history of mankind and molding it into the lawless, communist hellhole that you’ve willingly allowed it to become, while asking for exponentially more. Damn you!

A month and a half after Chicago reporter William Kelly told outgoing Mayor Lori Lightfoot to “get the hell out of my city,” he’s back to report that one of Chicago luxury hotels is apparently close to Chicagoans because it’s housing illegal immigrants, exclusively.

That’s not a joke or satire. You’re not reading The Babylon Bee.

Kelly, who proves the Chicago accent is alive and well (thank God), told “Fox & Friends First,” while also providing video, that a $300 a night hotel, Inn of Chicago, on Chicago’s famous Michigan Avenue — also known as the “Magnificent Mile” — is being used to house migrants.

We’re not sure if the people who confronted Kelly were staff or members of an NGO [Non-governmental organization], but they didn’t want to answer any of Kelly’s questions and immediately called police — the same police who aren’t allowed to stop actual crime, but are allowed to confront and detain citizens that just want to know what’s happening to their city.


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“The city of Chicago isn’t talking about this at all, so Chicago residents are being kept completely in the dark,” Kelly said.

A minute later, Kelly described the situation in the city:

This hotel is completely closed to the public. Mayor Lightfoot is saying this is going to cost the taxpayers between $20 and $25 million a month. Where is this money going? There’s never really, to my knowledge, been any accounting. We don’t really even know how many migrants are at this hotel. You know, you could sure that if this hotel was just being run for the public, there’d be city inspectors crawling all this place to shut it down. But yet, as of right now, there’s  no one who isn’t somehow running this very secretive operation allowed inside the hotel.

Kelly did note his surprise when he mentioned that “we’re dealing almost exclusively with Venezuelan migrants.”

The website for the Inn of Chicago notes that the hotel will be closed until “July 2023.” Yeah, right. We’ll see.

If that wasn’t enough, it was briefly mentioned during the end of the segment that it was recently revealed that there’s so many migrants in the city that police stations have “become shelters for migrants, with at least two police precinct lobbies housing asylum seekers.

Damn you, so called Chicagoans.

For the full “Fox & Friends First” segment, watch below:



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