• February 29, 2024

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Calls for Reparations as a Way to Reduce Violent Crime (VIDEO)

 Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Calls for Reparations as a Way to Reduce Violent Crime (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is calling for reparations as a way to reduce violent crime. Is he suggesting that only black people commit violent crimes? It’s a good thing he isn’t a Republican or some people might say that he was a racist for saying that.

This raises other obvious questions. Is Brandon suggesting that we should pay criminals to not commit crimes? None of it makes sense.

Also, isn’t the city going broke due to the influx of illegal border crossers. Johnson just tapped millions in COVID funds to deal with that problem.

FOX News reports:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson calls for reparations funding to reduce violent crime

Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson insisted to CNN that funding for reparations in his new budget will help get to the root of the city’s record violent crime epidemic.

While speaking to network anchor Poppy Harlow on “CNN This Morning” Wednesday, Johnson acknowledged the high crime rate in Chicago and declared that the “full force of government” is required to solve it, including the city throwing $500,000 at reparations programs.

Harlow prompted his answer by citing Chicago Police Department statistics revealing that although “the murder rate is down from 2022,” “all other forms of violent crime, Mr. Mayor, are up from a year ago, up 17% overall.”…

He then spoke about city funds being diverted to providing reparations for its African American community. “I’ve added a half a million dollars for restoration and reparations to address, again, the cycle of violence, which looks like school closings, closing of mental health facilities, of which I’ve invested in now. We’re going to open up two mental health clinics that were closed from two previous administrations ago.”

Watch below:

NEW: Socialist Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is calling for reparations funding for black Chicagoans to reduce violent crime.

Johnson may be the dumbest mayor in American history.

During an interview with CNN, Johnson said that city funds must be diverted to reparation programs… pic.twitter.com/SMdTUYJ8Ea

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) December 30, 2023

Johnson’s focus is in all the wrong places. It’s amazing that Chicago succeeded in electing someone even worse than Lori Lightfoot.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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