• February 28, 2024

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Now Trying to Stop the Flow of Illegals Into the City by Suing Bus Companies

 Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Now Trying to Stop the Flow of Illegals Into the City by Suing Bus Companies

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has thought up a new plan to stop the flow of illegal border crossers into the city. He is suing the bus companies that are transporting them.

He cannot simply call out the Biden administration for their open border policy, so he is going after the people who are driving the illegals to his city. It’s a completely backwards idea that essentially lets Biden off the hook.

The bus companies are not the root of this problem.

FOX News reports:

Chicago mayor launches lawsuits against companies transporting ‘rogue buses’ of migrants to city

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has begun filing dozens of lawsuits against “rogue” bus companies transporting migrants from the southern border.

In an effort to show the seriousness of the migrant crisis, some Republican governors have sent buses of migrants to Democrat-controlled states and sanctuary cities. These Republicans argue the action is necessary to show the rest of the country what border states are dealing with due to the surge of migrants.

The Chicago Tribune (The Tribune) went into detail about how Johnson’s administration has begun filing lawsuits against those behind the transportation of migrants.

“The care of more than 24,400 migrants who have arrived in Chicago since August 2022 has taken on heightened urgency as winter sets in, and tested the limits of how welcoming the city can be,” The Tribune reported. “The city has filed 55 lawsuits since it implemented new rules about when and where buses can arrive in mid-November, the Law Department said. The lawsuits address 77 total buses accused of violating the rules, and public records show at least some cases are seeking fines against the bus companies.”

Mayor’s office spokesman Cassio Mendoza, in a statement to The Tribune, slammed “rogue, uncoordinated” buses, claiming they are endangering the lives of migrants, and called for bus companies to be held accountable.

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air makes a good point about this:

What Johnson is attempting here is a sort of economic warfare, or perhaps economic civil war. He can’t stop Abbott from sending the buses to Chicago, so he’s threatening economic punishment on the bussing companies that are simply performing their normal function. He apparently feels that if he can frighten or damage the companies enough, they will

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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