• June 14, 2024

China Expert Warns That a Newly-Discovered Biolab Was a Bio Warfare Facility

 China Expert Warns That a Newly-Discovered Biolab Was a Bio Warfare Facility


Beijing, China. March 29th, 2013. A group of Chinese military marching across Tiananmen Square.

Independent reporter Emerald Robinson interviewed China expert Gordon Chang about the recently discovered Biolab in California.  She asked if he thought there were more labs. She also asked him how concerned we should be about 100 mice infected with COVID found in the lab.

“There certainly could be more of these labs, Emerald, and really what this is, is a biological warfare facility,” Chang said. “and I think that those behind this should not be referred into the federal justice system.

“They should be sent to Guantanamo because this is an act of war against the United States.

“Remember, we have all of these Chinese migrants, some of them are saboteurs coming across our southern border, and they’re coming in packs of 5 to 15 males of military age, unaccompanied by family members, pretending not to speak English. Some of them conduct Chinese military rituals. Some of them are known to Border Patrol to be connected to the Chinese military. You bury these two together, the saboteurs and the biological weapons lab, and you basically have warfare on the United States.

“On the first day of a war in Asia or actually even before then, we are going to see, I believe, this attack on the US.”

This is terrifying. American apathy, belief in the reports from the corrupt media, and naivety will destroy us.


Gordon Chang also believes the recent arrest of two sailors for spying is the result of the CCP forcing Chinese Americans to choose between China and their new country. They’ve weaponized race to enable them to go unnoticed or unmentioned.

You’d have to be naive to think this isn’t true.
Watch videos of the Chinese young men pouring in through the Darien Gap on the link.

The videos show an endless stream of anonymous Chinese men of fighting age coming to the US, many through the Darien Gap. They are increasingly pouring into our country unabated. Muckraker.com is exposing the invasion that our media ignores. One article on the site shows an invasion map given out by the Red Cross.

We have been told the Darien Gap was closed. It is a lie. Border Patrol reports record numbers of Chinese Nationals are coming through the Gap.

Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas is the person who opened up the Darien Gap. Mayorkas did this even while knowing it was a shortcut for terrorists. He said it would allow for safer travel through the jungle.

In September 2021, Panama foreign minister Erika Mouynes said that she warned the Biden administration. She told Biden the Darien Gap is the preferred route for terrorists. Panama authorities have already caught terrorists who were likely headed for the US.

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