• April 14, 2024

CNN Parrots a Farcical Conspiracy

 CNN Parrots a Farcical Conspiracy

by Bonchie

Apparently, this story was shopped to five different outlets. Color me shocked, shocked I tell you, that CNN would be the one with such little journalistic   so as to run with this.

.⁦@VickyPJWard⁩: “Giuliani associate willing to tell Congress that Nunes met with ex-Ukrainian official to get dirt on Biden” – CNNPolitics https://t.co/sWJMTa1PvM

— Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) November 23, 2019

Good for Nunes. Some of the lawsuits that he’s filed in the past are probably going nowhere, but when you are dealing with a billion dollar corporation, as CNN and its parent company are, the only way to push back on this garbage is through the legal system.



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