• February 7, 2023

CNN Reaches New Levels of Hypocrisy, Needs Live Therapy Session After What Musk Did to Them

 CNN Reaches New Levels of Hypocrisy, Needs Live Therapy Session After What Musk Did to Them

You used to have to pay good money for a therapy session like the one CNN’s self-indulgent crew just had for itself.

Frankly, for the cash-strapped CNN, an on-air team cope might’ve been their only recourse.

On Thursday night, a group of CNN’s talking heads convened to lament the current state of Twitter after Elon Musk suspended a gaggle of journalists and pundits. The panel included senior media reporter Oliver Darcy, correspondent Donie O’Sullivan (who was actually part of those suspensions), as well as anchors Alisyn Camerota and John Berman.

It was chock full of the usual drivel you’d expect from the “worldwide leader in news.”

You can view the segment below:

“What did you do that was so bad, Donie?” asks Camerota, after claiming that Musk banned various journalists and pundits “with no explanation.”

“We reported on Elon Musk,” O’Sullivan snidely replied. O’Sullivan then attempted to take a potshot at Musk, correcting himself from calling Musk the richest man in the world. O’Sullivan made a point of clarifying that Musk is the second richest man in the world, as if that’s a stinging insult.

Of note, O’Sullivan did not crack Forbes’s top 2,668 richest people in the world.

“He’s been annoyed that there’s been this account, which has been active for years now, which tracks the movements of his private jet,” O’Sullivan explained.

Given that the account, which has been exposing his real-time location, paved the way for his Musk’s young son to be harassed by a total stranger, it’s more than understandable that Musk took action.

“He is claiming on social media that I and other journalists shared the precise live location of his jet,” O’Sullivan said. “And therefore that’s why he kicked us off, because we caused danger to him.”

O’Sullivan was trying to make a point that Musk was “supposed to be the guy who’s the free speech absolutist.”

“Are you saying that Elon Musk is saying something that isn’t true?” Berman interjected with some big “I have nothing to actually contribute to this conversation” energy.

The conversation then quickly devolved into the type of whiny, narcissistic and, frankly, pathetic nonsense you’d expect from CNN in 2022. For a “news” organization, they sure do love to delve into petty personal opinions, especially regarding Musk.

Musk, for his part, brilliantly responded to CNN’s hand-wringing with a simple tweet:

So they’re saying it’s really bad to suspend people from Twitter

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 16, 2022

And Musk’s tweet might be the most poignant lesson to be learned from this live therapy session: CNN is chock full of raging hypocrites who have the long-term memory span of a goldfish.

Exhibit A:

According to @cnn, a threat to

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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