• April 14, 2024

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner

by @HHypocrisy101,  Conservative Choice Campaign Journalist

Colorado. A state that finds itself in the middle of history bigger than itself, and in more ways than are immediately visible. The open plains and frosted peaks form what is arguably the center of the nation, geographically, with a varied and proud electorate that’s as evenly split as its national representation. Seven Congressman, four Democrat and three Republican. Two Senators, one of each party. This median applies to that lone Republican, Senator Cory Gardner, a freshman representative who won the seat in 2014 with a close 2.5 point lead over Democrat Mark Udall.

Senator Gardner’s seat has been called the most vulnerable among the defending 2020 races, one of two running as incumbent inside blue strongholds. His 14’ run was touted as a success due to capitalization on the general souring attitude towards former-President Obama, and those who carried his favor…ironically, using the same strategy towards Pelosi/Biden this year may be his best path forward and out of the rut, as the Yuma resident knows nothing is set in stone as far as CO politics are concerned. Six years later, the American political landscape has undergone an earthquake of historical proportions with the rise and trials of one Donald J Trump and his Presidency, and the ones who may have crumbled the most may be the DNC itself as a result.

After the 16’ Election, Senator Gardner threw his vote behind Trump’s doctrine reliably, showing his support during the ACA repeal, the Mueller Investigation, the Kavanaugh appointment, and the recent sham impeachment. To note, he also voted to restrict the FBI from accessing your computer search history, a fact which could be put into contrast with the issue of Senator Sanders skipping that same vote. Given how openly fraudulent the efforts to recall the POTUS appeared to the public, and the vast assault on state-side personal liberties by the Speaker and her network of Democrat governors occurring now, one can imagine that the anti-blue attitude might be enough to pull him over the finish line for a second time…though a low approval rating (39%) and a popular challenger in Hickenlooper complicating the race keeps the odds neck and neck for the time being.

The electorate still courting indecision need to realize…a vote for the Democrat party is a vote of submission to a life of masks and quarantine, while a vote for Gardner helps maintain the big picture issue here: control of the senate. After that, the basic rule of law and order has come into question…during this last week, many Democrats in power failed their constituents when the decision had to be made between the safety of those citizens living their daily lives, and the coddling of emotional mobs determined by one measure or another to burn whatever business they could get their hands on. As we know, President Trump was forced to intervene, and thankfully sent in the necessary forces to regain control of the situation…to the chagrin of many openly un-appreciative Democrat officials in blue states. Clearly, they can’t be relied on when the situation turns tense. However, Senator Gardner’s record shows that unlike many other RINO operatives, he CAN be trusted to vote with his constituents when it counts. That’s on the books, and that record is the one example of Colorado politics here falling firmly to the right.

Neither the left nor right can discount the public distain for the new authoritarian DNC. Its been percolating through the last few years of constant “orange man bad” media propaganda, especially with this peak of authoritarian quarantine enforcement. As the POTUS said, the cure CAN’T be worse than the virus, and it seems like many blue-state governors are doing their best to spite him in this fact, angering the electorate as they go. Violating civil liberties won’t work for us, no matter the state or district. Will Speaker Pelosi bring out the Republican vote with her open distain for the Midwest? Will the fact that the 2020 CO caucus ended in a resounding win for Sanders over Biden syphon votes from the equation, if only out of spite? How many small business and churches would end up looted and burnt under the administration of a supposed Senator Hickenlooper, who has clearly sided with the mob?

A dual purpose push to court voters shunned by the DNC process of Biden’s selection, with a Trump-friendly reminder and reassurance on his record for those who voted for him in 14’, might be the middling strategy Senator Cory Gardner needs to keep the senate in Republican control, and the Trump doctrine steaming along. After the primary, the CO and national Democrat machine with focus its efforts to demonize CO’s GOP representative with an expected double down on the propaganda…his path forward lies in a smart utilization of the public’s opinion, the motivation to keep our Senate leaning right, and the idea that the hopes and dreams of small business across America aren’t required to burn every time the main stream media decides to stir up a riot.

THAT is the big picture here, and come November, Colorado voters will need to pick a side of the fence. The one without burnt grass and fresh graffiti should be easy to spot.


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