• May 20, 2024

Common Sense

 Common Sense

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

by Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
Free State of Florida

If you take anything out of this story, please take the following. When we look at history, we see a common element in the loss of people’s rights. The loss of justice, once people lose control of their legal process, they no longer possess rights. That is the beginning of what is known as the state govt, only one state of authority over the masses of people, the list of countries is numerous.
We are very close to losing control, we no longer have a Dept of Justice (DOJ). Only those who sadly lack common sense fail to realize it. The light I see is the Supreme Court which still believes in the Constitution & all other founding documents. The Supreme Court of the United States is the only court specifically established by the Constitution of the United States, implemented in 1789. I now see the importance of the Founders in creating it. The only troubling aspect of this is with the enforcement of a Supreme Court decision if you have a DOJ unwilling to comply. This is why it’s critical to have Constitutionally sound states securing justice for its citizens.
I noticed one of the first to organize around children in questioning govt action were The Parents, & now they are many across the country & they are winning, making changes to protect children. The Parents movement isn’t about equity, diversity, or race, it’s only about protecting children & that includes everyone to be successful. They were the first to oppose the left’s agenda when the DOJ made the mistake of attacking them.
Another mistake is when they indicted Trump for Jan 6th. That opens the door to discovery into the 2020 election in every state he feels the election was stolen. Also, it opens the door to discovery into events at the Capital on that day much of which is still hidden from the public. This could be the final mistake the left makes causing a wealth of info being released to the public. America is speaking out: https://rumble.com/v32pxbk-the-ashli-babbit-story-by-her-mom-micki-witthoeft.html
The left believes one has a right to change their sex simply by declaring it, whatever sex you say you are that’s reality. However, it doesn’t stop there, you can also declare your race, on TikTok RCTA is short for race change to another. Simply if you don’t like the reality of your birth, just change it. Now I’m waiting for people to declare themselves dead so they can collect ins $, why not, where does this stop?
Evidence shows us millions of people have entered the country illegally, and our economy is hurting Americans, yet we are told the border is secure & the economy is looking good. The evidence shows us through sworn testimony & documents, that the Bidens have contacted foreigners & thereafter have received millions of $. The media tells us it’s a Republican conspiracy to draw attention away from Trump, yet they never talk about the uncovered Biden ‘evidence’. All they talk about is Trump to draw attention away from the Bidens. https://www.judicialwatch.org/trump-election-indictment/
They are now calling the movie ‘Sound of Freedom’, a conspiracy. The true story of sex trafficking never happened, it’s all made up. However, a decade ago when that story was made public (years before the movie) the same media expressed outrage over what was happening to children, but now it’s a conspiracy. They also stopped talking about the Durham report (let’s not forget that) after it revealed a conspiracy against Trump.
So far, we know of a Chinese bio lab in America, China purchasing land around military bases, China supplying drugs to the Mexican cartels, Chinese nationals of military age illegally crossing the border, & another lab in China is funded by the Centers for Disease Control. What is the government’s response? not a word.
All this reaches the point when Americans say enough is enough, no more. https://www.prageru.com/video/lying-liars
In case ya didn’t know, this entire Biden thing is on the verge of being an explosion of facts people will no longer be able to suppress & others will no longer be able to be unaware of. At that point, it will be clear to most Americans that now is the time they must change government.
Then it’s not about an issue addressing the economy, education, crime, or immigration, there are many, etc. The only major issue to address is the changing of government which is responsible for all those issues. Which brings us to a critical element in that change. This isn’t about red or blue, Dem or Rep, liberal or conservative, it’s about preserving this Constitutional Republic & a way of life. However, the only effective avenue is called a Republican party, you don’t have to believe in a Republican party you only have to believe as an American it’s the only sound option open to you to change govt.
You must understand what we are up against as Americans. never in our history have we faced the issues we face today. Never in history has the fate of America been in the hands of each of us as it is today.
History: The last 2 surviving Founders Jefferson & Adams died in the same year on July 4th.


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