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Communist Jen Psaki

 Communist Jen Psaki


Published February 16, 2022

Rumble — .

In this video Communist WestExec member Jen Psaki admits that “We Know The Russian PLAYBOOK “.

Read my recent video description of the “Russian PLAYBOOK “


Vladimir Putin is not going to invade Ukraine.

The Russian troop buildup started in April of last year and it’s just a smokescreen to distract Americans of the invasion at our southern border.

Read the description in the video link that I provided above.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich asked Jen Psaki if there’s a possibility that Vladimir Putin is bluffing.

Vladimir Putin is not going to invade Ukraine, it’s just a way to distract Americans from the CDP COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY’s agenda to kill our capitalism economy and replace it with a communism economic system.

Below are the communist WestExec PUPPET MASTERS that are controlling the puppet Joe Biden by writing his transcribed speeches and dictating his decisions.

It’s a modern day coup d’état that happened due to the election fraud all across America during the 2020 elections.

How is it mathematically possible that Joe Biden won when Republican legislators won their majority of campaigns all across America?

It isn’t possible.

8 million votes were improperly counted to give Joe Biden the victory.

If Joe Biden got more votes than any Presidential candidate in history, are you trying to tell me that voters made it possible for Republican legislators to win their races by voting for Republican legislators but at the same time voted for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump?

That doesn’t make sense.

Fox News is the most watched News Network and 10% of Democrat voters said that they wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden if they knew about the Hunter Biden laptop.

Convince me that Republican voters voted for Joe Biden even though they knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

It wouldn’t happen.

And it didn’t happen.

Cheating occurred and that’s how the communist WestExec Joe Biden Puppet Masters accomplished their coup d’état.


And fuck these communist bastards below:

WestExec Joe Biden Puppet Masters

Tony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State; Co-founder and managing partner of WestExec

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence; Principal

David S. Cohen, Deputy Director at the CIA; Principal

Lisa Monaco, Deputy Attorney General; Principal

Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director; Principal

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary; Senior Adviser

Ely Ratner, Asst. Sec. of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs; Senior Adviser

Colin Thomas-Jensen, National Security Director for USAID; Senior Adviser

Michael Camilleri, Sr. Adviser to USAID Admin.; Senior Adviser

Gabrielle Chefitz, Special Asst. to Under Sec. of Defense for Policy; Senior Associate

Julianne Smith, Senior Adviser to Sec. of State; Senior Adviser

Barbara Leaf, Senior Director for Middle East, NSC; Senior Adviser

Elizabeth Rosenberg, Counselor to Deputy Sec. of Treasury; Senior Advisor

Matt Olsen, Asst. Attorney General; Principal

A reporter at this briefing asked Jen Psaki if there was going to be a gas tax holiday and Jen Psaki said that the Biden Administration was having talks with global oil producers in case Vladimir Putin invaded or because of a possible invasion of Ukraine.

What? The United States is asking other countries to produce oil for us instead of producing our own oil to reduce gas prices.

The communist WestExec Joe Biden puppet masters are intentionally damaging our capitalism economy because you can’t prosper as we have in recent memory without domestic oil and gas production and without nuclear power plants. I haven’t heard any discussion about building more nuclear power plants.

Climate change is a guise to distract you from their agenda to create a communism economy by killing our prosperous capitalism economy.

Jesus Christ and capitalism is what made America the most wealthiest country on the planet and when Bill Clinton convinced congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, that is what allowed China to become our #1 economic competitor.

The Illuminati’s New World Order agenda to have a One World government with a communism economy can’t happen unless capitalism is destroyed and if you think socialist Europe is gonna help us prevent it from happening, you’re gravely mistaken.

Oh, you think the Elite New World Order is a theory?

Here’s the conspiracy, it’s not a theory anymore:




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