• June 25, 2024

Conclusive Study: Vitamin D Reduces ICU Admissions by 72%

 Conclusive Study: Vitamin D Reduces ICU Admissions by 72%


Vitamin D conclusively protects against hospitalization and mortality.

Dr. Fauci won’t tell you this, but Vitamin D is essential for your immune system and will help you fight COVID.

An analysis study from Italy found Vitamin D has a substantial protective effect against hospitalization and mortality from COVID-19.

The study has huge numbers, and they are true numbers.


According to the study, Vitamin D supplementation results in the following:

72% reduction in ICU admission
51% reduction in your risk of death

It’s conclusive.

The TSA [trial sequential analysis] of the protective role of vitamin D and ICU admission showed that, since the pooling of the studies reached a definite sample size, the positive association is conclusive…

The current evidence supports the benefits of vitamin D interventions in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 due to the protective effect provided by vitamin D against ICU admission and mortality…

In conclusion, the positive results highlighted again and now validated by TSAs suggest that an indisputable association between vitamin D supplementation and the protective effect on ICU admission can be considered definitive evidence. On the contrary, further studies are needed to assess the utilization of vitamin D regarding the risk of death in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Definitive Study

Dr. Panda published the study and the conclusion is also promoted on his substack.

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38 minutes ago

Fauci was with someone on social media and the host, for some reason, asked Fauci how much Vitamin D he took. Fauci replied 10,000 IU. There was no more to it, just how much, not why. Evidently Fauci sees some benefit from Vitamin D.

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