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Conservative cowardice empowers the radical Left

 Conservative cowardice empowers the radical Left

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There was a time when Democrats tried to hide their wrongdoing. During the early days of the FBI’s investigation into members of then-candidate Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, for example, agents at least tried to maintain the appearance of propriety.

But several years later, when special counsel Robert Mueller ’s investigation came up empty and no one inside the FBI was held responsible for what had clearly been a politically motivated hoax, it seemed to dawn on the establishment and the media that consequences needn’t be a concern. The realization that they wouldn’t have to answer for trying to destroy a presidential candidate and his presidency emboldened them. And they set their sights even higher.

Surprisingly, it was a liberal, Patrick Lawrence, who identified the coming new order in Washington early on. In February 2017, shortly after then-national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn had resigned his post, Lawrence wrote a very prescient piece in the Nation titled “Are We Witnessing a Coup Operation Against the Trump White House?”

Lawrence wrote, “You have studied the Enlightenment? Good: You know what I mean when I say we are headed into the Endarkenment. The lights upon us are dimming. We have been more or less abandoned by a press that proves incapable of informing us in anything approaching a disinterested fashion. … This is the media’s disgrace, but our problem.”

And it certainly did become our problem.

In 2019, the media set its sights on the cultural front, with the New York Times unveiling its rewrite of U.S. history: the 1619 Project, which puts slavery at the center of the American story. This narrative helped set the stage for the cultural upheaval that took place after the death of George Floyd in May 2020, during which terms such as “systemic racism,” “white supremacy,” and “equity” became commonplace. Suddenly, wokeism, which has been bubbling beneath the surface for years, especially in academia, became mainstream.

These woke principles, which are rooted in Marxism , have now worked their way into every aspect of American society, including our government, the media, Hollywood, corporations, and public schools.

How were they able to bring about such radical change so quickly? It’s simple. We allowed them to.

Whether out of apathy or a desire to avoid inviting the anger of the leftist mob, it seems much of the public has stopped trying to hold the Left accountable. They continue to elect Democrats, including cognitively challenged ones such as Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), even as the party embraces some of the most noxious ideologies to ever infect society. Conservative commentator Candace Owens described the Left’s agenda this way: “[Democrats’] final war is a war against nature. It’s a war against sanity. It makes us question our sanity,” she told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.

“You would never think that we would be having these debates that we’re having today — that people would be telling you that it’s a wrong thing to say that an 86-year-old is old. Suddenly, we’re being attacked for this. Everything is being given an ‘ism.’ And the reason is … it is the final war and they need to make sure that they control, even language.”

Carlson noted it is especially language that must be controlled, which is why Democrats have invested so much of their resources into cracking down on supposed “misinformation.” When you control what people can and cannot say, you can control the way they think.

Owens encouraged people to speak up. “Too many conservatives are acting like cowards. … This is how [the Democrats] have gained so much territory. This is how we are fighting them in the school systems, how we’re fighting them in the classrooms, how we are fighting them simply to acknowledge that women can never be men and men can never be women. These are insane arguments, but they’re happening because good people sit by and say absolutely nothing while they run amok.”

Owens called on everyone to start speaking the truth and to do so boldly because, “If they win this battle, there is nothing left.” She is right.


Elizabeth Stauffer is a contributor to the Washington Examiner and the Western Journal . Her articles have appeared at MSN, RedState, Newsmax, the Federalist, and RealClearPolitics. Follow her on  Twitter  or  LinkedIn .

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