• May 20, 2024

Conservatives What does it mean to be called a Conservative

 Conservatives What does it mean to be called a Conservative

Conservatism:  Definition “commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation. The holding of political views that favor Free enterprise, Private ownership, and socially conservative ideas. 1 (Oxford dictionary)


Well my friends, that certainly is something to consider.  What that simplistic definition says cannot define those of us who call ourselves Conservatives.


A Conservative, by this definition, would be one that is cautious about change or innovation.  Does anyone of us drive a horse and buggy? Do we wear slabs of bark on our feet? Of course not, and absurd as that might sound, the definition would lead one to believe that we are stodgy, stuffy, and afraid of creativity.


Those on the left of Center would certainly have you believe we were all Puritanical in our views on society. What they don’t understand is that we run the continuum of conservative ideas.  From the Extreme Right to the Center of the spectrum, we call ourselves “CONSERVATIVES” but do we rightly bear that label?


I am a strict fiscal conservative, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Yet I am a more social moderate.  Do I care who you marry? Who you love? No, I don’t.  Do I care if you are part of the LGBT community, absolutely NOT.  Do I care if you don’t even want to get married and just live together? Nope not that either. What differentiates me from a Social Liberal is that I do NOT want to Be FORCED to bake you a cake if I don’t believe in your personal choices. I don’t want to have my children indoctrinated into YOUR personal choices. I don’t want to have to watch socialization of the Left’s agenda on my TV choices, my books, my movies.


The left continues to paint Conservatives into a corner.  A single stroke of a brush we are all haters, racists, warmongers, xenophobes, homophobes, and all the other nasty things they want to color us.  The Left is the same group that has said, “Love Trumps Hate”, yet, they are continually dipping their brush into the paint can of Animosity. Fear Mongering.  Yes, even hate.


I have thought long and hard about this pandemic state of cognitive dissonance of the left.  Espousing “Love, Flowers, Apple pie, Free stuff” out of one side of their mouths, but are doing everything to denigrate those that disagree with them.  I believe they are caught in a web of their own design from which they can’t escape. A veritable vortex of their  insanity


Forbid a Liberal Candidate to say one nice thing about our President Trump.  Apoplexy would set in. Heads would explode, meltdowns would occur, a type of apocryphal end times.  I don’t believe they actually COULD say something positive, for they have scurried down that rabbit hole of lies and closed the door behind them, still carrying that paint can of epithets.


So what must we do as Conservatives? Many advocates fighting fire with fire, be as nasty to the left as they are to us. Patience my fellow Conservatives. There will come a time for warriors but not just yet.

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