• June 14, 2024

Corporate America Starting to Ditch Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers

 Corporate America Starting to Ditch Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officers

After George Floyd, corporate America rushed to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies that used to be limited to liberal college campuses.

Now that everyone is being squeezed by the Biden economy and inflation however, there isn’t as much extra cash floating around in these companies.

When it comes to the bottom line, DEI policies are just another unnecessary expense.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

DEI Officers Are ‘Questioning Their Career Path’ as Demand Falls: Report

Corporate officers focused on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion are feeling “left out in the cold” as demand for their roles plummets, according to a Wall Street Journal report Friday.

Demand to fill DEI roles is hitting new lows. Jason Hanold, chief executive of Hanold Associates Executive Search, told the Journal searches for chief diversity officers are down 75 percent in the past year, hitting the lowest he has seen in his 30-year recruiting career. Diversity officers were especially vulnerable during a tech world firing spree last fall, facing 40 percent higher turnover than human resources positions.

DEI officials have faced more recent scrutiny in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down the use of race in college admissions. The ruling is expected to have ripple effects beyond college admissions, including in the corporate world.

RedState has more on this:

Some of America’s largest corporations, like Netflix, Disney — which has many more self-made problems besides diversity, equity, and inclusion — and Warner Bros. Discovery, have announced that their CDOs were leaving the companies. Many employees who work in jobs related to the CDO have been laid off, and new complaints by employees of their employers caving to the woke mob and going overboard have led to scaling back of DEI commitments.

The Supreme Court recently striking down affirmative action in college admissions also got the attention of many corporate executives. Some CDOs felt like corporate brass did not want to change hiring or promotion protocols and were told that they were brought on to improve talent. And in the wake of many people who have called out DEI practices for also being discriminatory, the rush towards DEI has not been a permanent one.

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