• September 29, 2023

Corrupt Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Checks Herself into Treatment Facility For Clinical Depression

 Corrupt Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo Checks Herself into Treatment Facility For Clinical Depression

Texas – Far-left Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced she will be taking a leave of absence to seek treatment for clinical depression.

“Based on my doctor’s recommendation, I checked myself into an out-of-state facility to receive inpatient treatment in late July,” the corrupt Democrat said in a statement.

She continued, “It is important for me personally and professionally to confront this issue swiftly, so I will be taking temporary leave from the office while I am receiving treatment.”

Hidalgo said she hopes to resume her normal schedule by early September.

Judge Hidalgo announced today that, based on the advice of her doctors, she will be on leave from the office to seek inpatient care for clinical depression. See below for a letter from Judge Hidalgo to the people of Harris County: pic.twitter.com/UI5nN4wcNG

— Office of Judge Lina Hidalgo (@HarrisCoJudge) August 7, 2023

Recall, Lina Hidalgo ‘won’ her reelection in 2022 by nearly 16,000 votes against a popular Republican opponent.

Hidalgo’s top three staffers are under indictment and law enforcement booed her during a commissioners court meeting last October.


Republicans spent millions to unseat Lina Hidalgo but she still somehow won her reelection.

“I’m calling for an investigation into the widespread problems with the Harris County elections last Tuesday,” Abbott said last November.

“The allegations of election improprieties in our state’s largest county may result from anything ranging from malfeasance to blatant criminal conduct.” he added.

Republican voters in Harris County were disenfranchised on Election Day after they showed up to vote at 8 pm but were turned away from the polling station.

After being told they could vote until 8 pm, the voters were told the voting time cut off was actually 7 pm.

It turns out the paper ballot shortage on Election Day in Harris County was far worse than initially estimated so Greg Abbott said “it may necessitate new elections.”

Lina Hidalgo and her staffers were implicated in a no-bid contract scandal.

Lina Hidalgo’s top three staffers were indicted in April 2022 after prosecutors expanded the investigation into an $11 million ‘vaccine outreach contract’ awarded to one of the judge’s political cronies.

While Hidalgo was threatening to jail and

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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