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Cory Booker, What is Life Worth To You?

 Cory Booker, What is Life Worth To You?

Tricia Flanagan for U.S. Senate


My Name is Tricia Flanagan, and I’m the Republican candidate running to represent the People of New Jersey in the United States Senate.

Recently, Cosmopolitan Magazine featured an interview with NJ Senator Cory Booker.  The incumbent Senator discussed plans for his Democrat Presidential nomination.  If he fails to get the nomination, he will most likely run again to represent NJ, although he has turned his back and his heart on our State, missing 45% of the votes brought before the Senate in the 116th Congress, the most of any sitting Senator according to NJ Advance Media. In this interview, he identified his key platform issue: The fight for “Reproductive Freedom.” This is not a new platform for him.  He has clearly stated before that “Real Men should stand up for the Reproductive Freedom of Women.”

After putting down the interview and catching my breath, what I found so appalling was his blatantly callous and indifferent approach to life and to women.  No Senator Booker, real men protect life, and women don’t need to be told by you to stop protecting their unborn babies. I was truly disgusted by Senator Booker’s immoral mandate, and it’s the reason I’m reaching out now on this topic to the people of New Jersey asking — IS CORY BOOKER REALLY THE PERSON WE WANT TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF THE GREAT STATE OF NEW JERSEY?

Senator Booker further doubled down on his statement, discussing his plans to create a ‘White House Office for Reproductive freedom.’  “We’ve seen decades of a coordinated attack on a woman’s right to control her own body,” Cory Booker stated. Did the Senator actually say an “attack”?  The real attack is on the Constitutional Rights of the unborn child.

Reproductive Freedom from the perspective of both Cory Booker and the Democrat Party means freedom to end the life of viable babies up to and including birth.  Without consequence.  What does advocating an end to the life of the most vulnerable among us for convenience say about Cory Booker’s moral values?  What does this attitude mean for slippery slope legislation?  The only person attacked in your assault on Life, Senator, is the precious child in a mother’s womb.  How can you say it’s ok to destroy any life?  At what point do you draw the line?  One year old, 41Years Old, 65 Years old, 90 Years Old?

Let’s get one thing straight Senator, life is sacred. Our society has become callous to death and destruction. Lawmakers are entrusted to help us preserve and protect life.  Yet you want to advocate the opposite, all the while saying guns need to be confiscated when more than 2.5 million guns are used every year in the DEFENSE of life. Your hypocrisy is laughable, and your only consistency is in your callous focus on political expediency.

Senator Booker does not represent what the people of New Jersey think and feel. Just last year he attempted to ensure that Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, who is the antithesis of his political view, was ruined while his parents, wife, children, friends, and all America watched.  All in an attempt solely to have a victory for him and his party.

The American people saw Cory Booker’s attempted destruction of the reputation of a good man without any viable evidence on full display, based merely on hearsay of an incomplete memory from over 30 years ago with no corroboration, specific date, time, or place. Senator Booker systematically used his role on the confirmation committee to impugn the good name and reputation of someone who lived an exemplary life.  This is not supposed to happen in America!

Brett Kavanaugh was meant to be used as a warning to anyone who would come next, who would defy the Democrat machine. Mr. Booker would not give Justice Kavanaugh the same fundamental rights as the least among us.  His attempted slander was to prove his superiority and use his power for all to see and heed. This, from a man who openly wrote about how he actually molested a woman many years ago. Yet according to Senator Booker’s special rules, that does not count — because he was sorry!

Cory Booker’s lack of respect for life and the rule of law strikes at the very core of his values and demonstrates serious disrespect for the principles on which our country was founded.

As a mother of three children, I am appalled at the callousness of a man elected to protect us.  The Declaration of Independence, one of our most sacred founding documents clearly states that ALL are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights — the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Cory Booker denies that Right for all and cloaks it as “Women’s Rights.”  My question is – where does his callousness end?

As a Republican running for the United States Senate, I care deeply about life, especially the unborn, the infirm, the mentally challenged, the disabled, the elderly. I am tired of the Democrats hijacking language to convince us that terminating Life is some sort of right — IT IS NOT!  This is about as far from ‘Reproductive freedom’ as murder is from saving a life. It’s frightening that liberals are more concerned about saving baby seals or protecting the rights of dogs than preserving the sanctity of human life.  Former Pediatric Neurosurgeon and HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, has saved the lives of babies as young as 18 weeks old in the womb.  He has spent his life “struggling to save the lives of little babies” and is “totally opposed to killing babies.” He believes, as I do, that life is sacred and worth saving at any age, according to any perceived diminished state, or disability.

We need to protect our most vulnerable. It is an obligation of elected officials.

I’m running for U.S. Senate to replace Cory Booker in the Great State of NJ so I can fight for all Americans.  Please join me.

Tricia Flanagan is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate


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