• July 21, 2024

Couple Who Survived Maui Fires: ‘Biden Has Really Failed Us’ (VIDEO)

 Couple Who Survived Maui Fires: ‘Biden Has Really Failed Us’ (VIDEO)

A couple living in Hawaii who survived the fires on Maui, and who claim that they are not political people, recently said that Joe Biden has ‘failed’ them, and they are absolutely right.

Biden’s response to this disaster has been an utter disgrace from the very beginning.

Do you remember how Democrats and the media positively savaged George W. Bush for flying over the destruction of Hurricane Katrina? Imagine if instead of doing that, he said ‘no comment’ instead.

NewsNation reports:

Hawaii wildfire survivor: ‘Biden has really failed us’

President Joe Biden is under intense scrutiny for his response to the Maui wildfires. One Hawaii resident says the president has “failed” the island.

As flames erupted in Lahaina, Mike Cicchino and his wife jumped into the ocean and spent more than three hours in crashing waves to escape the fire. Cicchino says he’s still coming to grips with what he calls the most terrifying experience of his life…

Cicchino said local and state officials have refused to answer questions about the ages of victims, specifically children.

“It’s just sad that they’re trying to hide so much from us and especially about the children,” he said, later adding: “When somebody asked our mayor the other day to just give us an estimate of how many children (died), he got confrontational, and we don’t need somebody that’s confrontational with locals that are just trying to get answers.”

He also says the federal response has been “insulting.”

“We’re not very political people. We really don’t go one way or the other, but Biden has really failed us. One of the worst disasters in U.S. history happens and he hasn’t been out here. It’s been two weeks on Tuesday,” Cicchino said. “What kind of president does that?”

Watch the video below:

If this disaster had happened on Trump’s watch, these people would be leading the news broadcasts on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and CBS.

They are being ignored by the media and the reason for that could not be more obvious.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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