• March 20, 2023

Critical Race Theory EXPOSED

 Critical Race Theory EXPOSED

Fighting back for US!

Fellow Patriot,

We have big news: America First Legal released 166 pages of documents proving that public school bureaucrats and a cadre of taxpayer-funded woke consultants are using Critical Race Theory (CRT) to transform public education and to indoctrinate American children.

This hard evidence uncovered by my team at America First Legal is proof that CRT has infected classrooms, and is actively and surreptitiously being promoted by teachers and public school administrators.

CRT is so vile that even hardcore leftists know they need to keep the details of these racist lesson plans secret. That’s why we continuously see the teachers unions, public school bureaucrats, professional leftists, woke professors, and corporate media outlets all falsely claim that “CRT is not being taught in any K-12 school in America.” 

But we at America First Legal have uncovered the truth and exposed their lies. Parents across the Nation should read the documents, and demand that their local school districts tell the truth about the role CRT and other woke ideology plays in teacher training, curriculum development, and, ultimately, student indoctrination.

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Here is an example of what we uncovered:

And you can see more evidence and detailed background information here.

These toxic training materials are merely the tip of the iceberg and our investigators tell us that even more disturbing and harmful indoctrination is taking place behind closed doors- America First Legal will continue to investigate, expose, and defeat this destructive ideology! 

We know our innocent children are being viciously indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory by Marxist radicals. This lawless, extremist, poisonous bigotry must be defeated.

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Thank you,

Stephen Miller


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