• January 19, 2022

CrowdStrike’s Russian co-founder bailed before it crashed!

 CrowdStrike’s  Russian co-founder  bailed before it crashed!

FBI and CIA contractor Crowdstrike and a very suspicious DNC leak saga


Dmitry Alperovitch, former key executive at CrowdStrike software




Today CrowdStrike’s stock price was $37.82 a share.

CrowdStrike is a software company.

With a backdoor.

And top secret clearance to FBI and CIA intelligence data.


Its Russian co-founder, Dmitri Alperovitch left the company Feb. 19th.

When CrowdStrike was at $66.03 a share.

Its high was $99.65 on Aug. 13th.

It started at $34 on June 11th.

What did Dmitri know?

What did he hide?

When did he know the stock was going to crash and burn?

Ever read a negative “sell” recommendation by any of its 24 market analysts?

How much did they get paid in:

  • bribes?

  • kickbacks?

  • payoffs?

Stock options?

The next Investor Conference Call is Thursday at 2 p.m.:

CRWD March 19th 2020 conference call.png
CRWD CNBC 52 week low.png
CRWD March 19th 2020 call.png
CRWD stock price March 12th 2020.png
CrowdStrike blog denies finding hackers were Russians.png
CrowdStrike blog no possession of servers.png

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