• May 18, 2024

Customer Receives Defaced Tucker Carlson Book from Amazon

 Customer Receives Defaced Tucker Carlson Book from Amazon

Glenn Dobbs was shocked when he opened an Amazon box containing the new biography “Tucker,” by Chadwick Moore, to find the cover had been defaced with a Hitler-style mustache drawn on Tucker Carlson’s face.

“When I first took the book out of the box, I immediately saw that and I just kind of did a double take,” the Washington state resident told The Western Journal.

“I couldn’t believe that someone in business would do something like that. And then I looked at it more closely. It was obvious that someone had taken a felt tip and just drew a Hitler-type mustache on the cover. So it was quite a shock, to say the least,” Dobbs added.

The customer said he immediately wrote a review on Amazon, only to have the company inform him his review would not be published, because it violated company rules.

What Dobbs said he wrote was, “Just received the book. Oddly, it had a Hitlerian-style mustache felt-tipped on the picture of Tucker Carlson and needless to say, I intend to send the book back.”

“It’s amazing how deep the animosity against the truth actually runs. Clearly, this was done by someone in the shipping department of Amazon,” he further asserted in his review.

Dobbs looked over Amazon’s review rules and could not see how his post violated them.

“There’s no violation of their rules at all,” he said. “So they just are not posting it because they don’t want people to realize that they have people in their company who feel strongly enough to deface the products that they’re sending out to their customers.”

Dobbs explained his plan had been to ship the book back for a replacement, but then he changed his mind.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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