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Cut out of impeachment, emoluments crusaders plot plan B

 Cut out of impeachment, emoluments crusaders plot plan B


Article below By ANITA KUMAR

When the House drafts articles of impeachment in the coming days, one of the original accusations of wrongdoing against President Donald Trump — that he is illegally using his office to make money — is unlikely to make the cut.

It’s a blow to lawmakers and watchdog groups who have tried for three years to get Americans to share their outrage at what they consider violations of the Constitution’s little-used emoluments clause, which forbids Trump from receiving gifts from foreign governments or money from U.S. taxpayers.

But these emoluments crusaders say they’re not giving up. The House will continue to investigate Trump’s vast real estate company after impeachment, said three members of Congress and several staffers involved in the discussions. Some of those same people even floated the possibility of writing an additional article of impeachment about Trump’s business dealings later next year or after his possible reelection — a concept that is legally permissible, but widely considered politically unpalatable and logistically infeasible.

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