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Darlene Swaffar (R) Congressional Candidate for District 22 South FL

 Darlene Swaffar (R) Congressional Candidate  for District 22  South FL

Darlene Swaffar Congressional Candidate (R) District 22 in South FL

It’s Time to Take Back our House

My name is Darlene Swaffar, and I’m a Republican Candidate running for Congress in District 22 in South FL.   It’s time to return the “People’s House of Congress” back to “WE THE PEOPLE.”  It’s time for us to take back our Government and RESTORE ORDER and not only abide by, but also enforce our Constitutional Laws.

My Ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War.  They along with one of the Greatest Founding Fathers, my 9th Great Uncle Benjamin Franklin would be appalled to see how our Congress has conducted themselves.  The 116th Congress has filed more unnecessary inquiries than composing or passing any good productive legislation.

Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren talks about “Medicare for All” which could bankrupt our Country.  She further suggests to eliminate all private insurance plans, and that anyone currently in the Medicare or Health insurance industry could simple switch and sell auto insurance.  Does she not understand that is a different license!!  That is precisely the issue.  Many in our Congress don’t have a clue about what they are talking about, yet our lives hang in the balance.

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Please understand, I am NOT a Politician, nor do I care to be politically correct.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY and a South FL resident for over 27 years, like you I have had enough of what I have seen play out on TV.  I am disgusted at the behavior of our elected officials.  I have never seen this level of partisanship and hate openly displayed for the world to see.  It is an absolute embarrassment and a disrespect towards Americans.  They forget that they serve We The People.

The only solution I see, is if we have a clean slate in Congress.   Vote out all the corruption and replace Congress with American Patriots who have a respect for our Constitution.  We do not need career politicians who have grown more concerned over their career and self-interest.  I’m going to Congress to call out every Corrupt Politician and live up to the Legacy of my family lineage.

aka The Medicare Lady TM, I’m a business owner of a Medicare Insurance Agency with a team of 30 agents  I live and work in my District.  My company is a 100% Certified Woman and Hispanic owned business.  When I walk into the Senior Center or my favorite Breakfast Place First Watch, they know me by name.  Deerfield Beach is my Neighborhood.  There are 2 candidates registered to run who DO NOT live or work in our district!  No other candidate in my Primary matches my business knowledge, success, Community Service Awards and Record.  



  • Protect our Constitution specifically our 2nd Amendment Rights.
  • Support our President in MAGA.  With a Congress that supports our President, imagine what we can do as a Country?  Democrats who are consumed with Impeaching our President and filing false allegations affects us on the Worldwide Stage, and our ability to negotiate trade deals and advance peace talks.  Their Agenda hurts us all!
  • Fight for Medicare Benefits including Respite Care for our Seniors.  Our Seniors deserve more.  As the Medicare Lady TM, I am an expert on Medicare Health Insurance and can advance and negotiate on behalf of our Seniors.  There is no one in Congress right now with my level of expertise from an insurance perspective.
  • Explore lowering drug costs comparable with Canadian and European prices.  Hold big pharma accountable.
  • Help Our Veterans with Housing and Mental Help Support.  On average, 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.  We need to do better America!  We need to change this statistic and honor and support our Veterans.
  • Protect our waterways and beaches from erosion.  Assist our community with weather preparedness.
  • Promote economic development and create diverse job opportunities so we are less dependent on tourism or cyclical business cycles in South FL.
  • Mandatory Term Limits for Congress Members.
  • Fight against Lobbying that diverts attention to Corporate interests instead of Americans.
  • Work on Legislation to improve and elevate moral conduct standards and guidelines of elected officials.  Let’s send a message that unethical behavior will not be tolerated in Congress.
  • Institute a Financial Responsibility and Home Economics course across our school system.  Teach our children how to balance a checkbook, budgeting and investing.

My Strengths include:

  • Expertise on Medicare and Healthcare Insurance and will fight for your health benefits
  • Solutions focused
  • A Strategic Thinker and Problem Solver
  • Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Project Management
  • Recruiting and Training
  • General and Social Media Marketing
  • A record of serving of Professional Boards with distinction

Send a Winner and look no further than Darlene Swaffar for Congress, District #22.  When we send the wrong Candidate, WE ALL LOSE. 

To find information on our Platform and Send Darlene to Congress Donate Now:  https://donorbox.org/swaffar-for-congress

Thank you for taking the time to read my email and learn more about your Candidate for Congress and our Campaign.  We look forward to serving you, while restoring moral standards to our Congress.

Darlene Swaffar

Darlene Swaffar for Congress 2020

District #22, South FL

Donor Page:  https://donorbox.org/swaffar-for-congress

Email:  [email protected]


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/swaffarcongress

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/swaffar4congress

Recent Radio Interview on the Michael Vilardi Show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x452ZVVSoe8

Podcast Interview on the Mike Essen Show:  https://www.blogtalkradio.com/mikeessenshow/2020/01/06/mike-interviews-congressional-candidate-darlene-swaffar

Interview with Reporter Jill Cueni-Cohen:  https://www.facebook.com/jillbooks/videos/2452863238267685/

Address:  2745 W. Hillsboro Blvd, Ste #1
                 Deerfield Beach, FL  33442

Office:  754-444-2782

Cell 786-208-1221

Send Darlene Swaffar to Congress by Donating Now:  https://donorbox.org/swaffar-for-congress


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