• May 27, 2024

David Fegan for U.S. Congress Wows the DFW Area

 David Fegan for U.S. Congress Wows the DFW Area

David Fegan, a young and fresh 25-year old millennial running for U.S. Congress from Colleyville Texas, has shocked the GOP with his drive and following and is now considered by many the new face of the changing Texas Republican Party. Fegan has been involved in many non-profits while having a very successful business career. His announcement event for the 24th District in August 2019 at a local Colleyville restaurant saw the crowd swell and spill into parking lots nearby.

Countless numbers of heads of major companies have called offering their support and donations. Major leaders of evangelical groups have done the same. Radio stations have flooded the phone lines at Fegan For Congress, asking for interviews.

Large numbers of leaders in the Republican Party have quickly taken an interest in his campaign, and many shake their heads in disbelief and awe as his followers and supporters continue to mushroom in an unprecedented manner. Some GOP leaders say the party may never be the same. AS a result, donations from all around the country continue to flood into the Fegan campaign office.

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