• June 24, 2024

Dear Diary…

 Dear Diary…

While I’m working on this painstakingly massive report that ties up the central operation for the control grid, along with the financial acceleration and digital identity into one masterfully crafted plan, I find myself pondering the many other pieces of information I’ve pulled together that I’ve yet been able to deliver. If only I could condense the macro into the micro without having to cite a hundred sources per report, just imagine how quickly I could purge my mind of this knowledge, these connections, these random thoughts and tidbits that I “must share.”

At this point in the game, why not just purge it all out? People can “look it up” for themselves, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s take the International Seabed Authority as an example. Do I have to find every contract to show the “proof” that these animals are running their usual game on people? As they hammer everyone about the need to “keep the oceans clean,” they are signing away our underwater ecosystems to countries for mining of minerals, which is surely going to increase under the guise of “renewable energy” needs. It’s a joke. It doesn’t matter that hundreds of scientists have warned that they could destroy all life in our oceans, these gangsters don’t care. This world is a playground for their destruction. And, do I have to keep reminding people that all factions of the UN have been given full immunities and privileges by all member states, so they can lie and deceive all they want and will never be held accountable? Being as the UNCLOS funds ISA, that’s pretty cut and dry. ISA controls half of the total area of the world’s oceans, all because the creators of the UN say so and big gov is owned in every country by those same creators.

My favorite is the repetitive “we will produce 140,000 new jobs,” from some renewable energy project, AI, or robotics. I’m not quite sure how people read that sentence and don’t give it another thought. When you swap one industry for another, and the new industry is run by automation in most cases, what happens to all Read More

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