• May 19, 2024

Defy Their Wrath and Walk The Path

 Defy Their Wrath and Walk The Path

What is the “new normal?” How can there be a “new normal” if
there was never truly a “normal” to begin with? Wordplay, that’s all it is. You
can choose to give weight to words, to fear the words, or create an extravagant
futuristic story around the words, but at the end of the day, they only bear
the meaning you choose to give them. They carry an energy, so diffuse that
energy. Will you walk the path and defy their wrath, or will you live a life
that contorts every fiber of your being?

Everything in life is only given meaning based on what the
observer chooses to assign to it. The placebo effect is real, and at times the
entirety of this world feels much like a virtual reality, or a simulation, does
it not? Contrary to common belief, you choose your emotions, your reactions,
your words, and your beliefs. YOU DO THAT. No one else. You assign meaning to
everything. But what if you didn’t? What if everything was just that – a thing,
an event, a word. I know, it sounds so radical. But take a moment and
completely detach yourself from all that surrounds you, all the buzz, the
sensations, the imagery. Let it go. What would happen if you simply walked away
from it all? What if you didn’t allow it to affect you? What if you turned your
computer and television off for a month? What if you consciously made the
decision to live your life how you wish to live it from moment to moment, and
not see distractions as interference, but rather a soundbite or an image that
just passed by, much the way a cloud skims across the sky.

Too much? Not there yet? Still focused on the lack of
finances due to distractors trying to alter your reality? How about this… can
you change your perception to see this as a new opportunity, perhaps even a
clean slate for some, a new beginning? Can you see the possibilities in
changing the work you do or how you do it because it’s something you’ve wanted
to do for a long time? Can you honestly say that you were 100% fulfilled with
the work you were doing before this virus event happened? For few, that answer
will be yes. In that case, this should put a fire under your ass and fuel you
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