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Demanding Responsible and Honest Taxpayer Spending

 Demanding Responsible and Honest Taxpayer Spending

by Sheila G, March 25, 2020

Update: The Senate passed the aid bill this evening in a vote of 96-0.  The house will vote Friday, March 27, 2020 at 9am EDT.

Click Here to Read the 800 Page Bill

Link for you to insert  https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/20059055/final-final-cares-act.pdf

Are you fed up with how Congressional bills are developed?

Are you fed up with pork barrel spending?

Are you fed up with Democrats undermining conservatives every step of the way?

Are you fed up with Congress deceiving us to line their own pockets at our expense?

I am fed up. I was completely disgusted that the Democrats original bill included:

  • $3m arts package
  • $15 minimum wage
  • Permanent paid leave
  • Automatic extension of non-immigrant visas
  • Open borders
  • Student loan forgiveness
  • Establish official time for union collective bargaining
  • Increased leverage for labor unions
  • $35m for the Kennedy Center
  • The “Obama” phone program
  • Require airlines to provide greenhouse stats for each individual flight
  • Require airlines cut emissions
  • Require airlines to provide customers with per flight emissions
  • Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
  • Expansion of minority banks and minority credit unions
  • $500B for vote by mail effort
  • 2020 census reforms relating to citizenship status for students
  • More money for sanctuary cities
  • Subsidies for retirement plans for community newspaper works
  • Requiring internet voter registration
  • Legalize ballot harvesting
  • Same day voter registration
  • Require early voting in all states
  • Require corporations to publish pay statistics by race
  • Require new corporate board diversity rules – such as one female board member
  • Risk limiting audits of election results
  • Major expansion of collective bargaining rights of Federal workers
  • Expansion of wind and solar tax credits
  • Eliminate postal service debt

Nancy Pelosi withheld aid from Americans in need.

After she impeached the President 

for withholding aid to the Ukraine

Remember how our Conservative representatives were distressed about receiving the Democrat’s Chinese Coronavirus bill the day before it was to be voted upon? How can any responsible Congressional member possibly vote on something they do not have time to read? They can’t and it is irresponsible for them to do so.

I don’t accept Speaker Pelosi’s ongoing mantra that we have to pass it to see what is in it.  

That is completely nonsensical and totally irresponsible.

Here is a quote from a Politico:

“Speaker Pelosi, once again, has extraordinary leverage over President Trump and the White House. One Republican put it to us this way: PELOSI has TRUMP over a barrel.

HERE’S WHY: TRUMP and his White House are the public faces of the fallout over the deadly virus rippling across the nation, and he needs PELOSI — his nemesis — to cut a deal, and pass a bill. The U.S. just surpassed 1,000 confirmed cases as of Tuesday night.

OF COURSE, PELOSI has a laundry list of priorities of her own. But rarely is the leverage as skewed as it is here.

SO, IF A LARGE BIPARTISAN DEAL comes together, it will likely be in days or weeks — not now.”

I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Socialist or Communist politician in America are you willing to put the American citizens – human lives and the quality of our lives at risk and demonstrate so little respect for us, the people you represent, for your political AND personal gain? It sure looks like it to me and it is disgusting.

So, how do we take control? How do we put a stop to it?  I have thought on this for days. Short of storming Congress and taking over, which I do not support, just how do we stop this nonsense and hold our legislators accountable? Sure, we have the election coming up but that is no guarantee to stop wasteful spending.  But in all reality, we are going to be left with some RINOS because some are running unopposed and we have to vote for them to hold the seat. But we must absolutely take the House with as big of a landslide as we will when we elect the President.

But we must also think beyond the election. How do we ensure both chambers pass bills that are in the best interest of the people who elected them and ensure our taxpayer money is not lining the pockets of our elected officials? How do we eliminate or control special interest spending? How do we protect our taxpayer checkbook from nonsensical spending? Including the nonsensical spending by government agencies and nonsensical grants. How do we prevent non-elected government employees from determining the interpretation and application of the law? This last one is an issue all by itself.

What if Congress had to make a full disclosure by law to the people with personal consequence to those who fail to disclose information from us?

It is a crime to lie to Congress but absolutely no penalty for Congress to lie to us. 

Just what would they need to disclose? Just what kind of penalty should they receive for being dishonest.

Well I have some thoughts on this. I believe they are none partisan, realistic and fair regardless of party affiliation.  Here they are:

Create a law that establishes the rules and requirements for government regulatory, reform for any

bill that becomes law and any bill that requires taxpayer spending 

The Demand:

We are demanding full congressional disclosure & only declarations of national emergency or war by the President can waive the seven day disclosure period

The Rules:

  1. Voting members must have the bill a full 7 business days for review with the bill made available to the public in full on the same day as given to members of congress

2.  From this date forward special interest and pork barrel spending is forbidden and violations will be investigated and violators will be removed from office.

  1. Public information shall contain

A. Name of sponsor and co sponsors

B. Name or names of lobbyists for which the bill was written.

C. Any gift, campaign donation or gifts or in kind gifts, complimentary travel & accommodations must be publicly disclosed at the time the bill is posted for public review.

  1. Declarations of national emergency & war require publication 7 days after enactment.

This is now a White House Petition and we have 30 days from March 23,2020 to obtain a 

minimum of 100,000 signatures before the petition will be reviewed. Please read this sentence again. 

Click Here to View And Sign the Petition

Link for you to insert: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-are-demanding-full-congressional-disclosure-only-declarations-national-emergency-waive-7-day-period

Our Congress has let us down and it is not the fault of our President. We are facing a future that is going to leave people and our economy in need. We need focused, responsible spending and yes, our debt is going to have to increase to get us out of debt, but it does not require an open taxpayer checkbook that just anyone can access for spending for just any reason. This doesn’t exclude government agencies as well.

If you support this effort and want to stop the nonsense, please send the petition to your House and Senate members and ask them to sign it. If you support a new candidate, send it to them and ask them to sign. It will be very telling as to which members of Congress sign and who does not along with our new candidates. Ask them to make this a law with the new congress or before. Use the Tweet, Facebook, email and text icons and include your personal message to sign the petition.

If you support this petition and we do, please know and do the following:

  • Today is March 25, 2020 and we have 27 days left to obtain a minimum of 100,000 signatures.
  • Sign the petition and be sure to confirm you’re your signature. The confirmation will come to your email and you only need to click on the link to confirm.
  • Use the Twitter, Facebook, text and email icons and to send and ask your Congress members, new candidates, followers, families and friends to sign. If you have a Parler account just paste the Url for this article into the Parley.
  • Include a personal statement of support in all of your messages.
  • Make it easy – just copy this paragraph and ask the recipient to do steps one through four.

Thank you,

Sheila G

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