• February 25, 2024

Democrat Majority In House Of Representatives Shrinks As Republicans Pick Up More Wins

 Democrat Majority In House Of Representatives Shrinks As Republicans Pick Up More Wins

If Democrats and the media somehow manage to engineer a Biden win, he isn’t going to get much done as president.

Not only did Republicans retain control of the Senate, they continue picking up house seats.

This is a disaster for Democrats, and even if they manage to retain control of the House, it will be with a very small majority.

Politico reports:

House Dems brace for more losses

The House is on track to have its thinnest majority in about two decades next year — and it could get worse for Democrats.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has so far lost seven incumbents in Tuesday’s election, and that number could increase to about a dozen as more votes are tallied in New York, California and Utah. That would leave Democrats with a razor-thin margin — and an even more emboldened GOP minority — as the party looks to govern under a potential President Joe Biden.

he most likely scenario for Democrats is a net loss of between seven to 11 seats, according to interviews with campaign officials and strategists from both parties. That toll has prompted some tense discussions within the Democratic caucus about its message, tactics and leadership, with an internal race intensifying to succeed Democratic Congressional Campaign Chair Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.).

And the fallout means the House is indeed in play in 2022, and the battle will be fought on a whole new set of district lines, most of which will be drawn by Republicans who maintained control of key statehouses.

Even though Nancy Pelosi presided over this disaster for Democrats, she is planning to run for Speaker of the House again.

Nancy Pelosi formally announces a run for reelection as House speaker. It would mark her fourth term as speaker. https://t.co/tgj69bYBne

— ABC News (@ABC) November 7, 2020

Are Democrats really going to put her in charge for another term?

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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