• June 18, 2024

Democrats are Actively Setting Up Election Fraud in Nevada

 Democrats are Actively Setting Up Election Fraud in Nevada

As a congressional candidate and investigative journalist, I’ve been exposing voter fraud in Nevada for quite some time…it’s why enacting voter ID is one of the main proponents on my platform. Recently, the situation in Nevada has gotten worse, as Democrats are actively setting the election up for easy manipulation.

It started last month when Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak deciding on his own accord and without authority that the primary elections will be done entirely by mail-in ballots…an idea President Trump is wholly against. In a state where no ID is actually required to either vote or register to vote, and same day registration is allowed for people that apparently weren’t around the rest of the time (cough cough Californians) …this is obviously a huge issue. It’s an issue exasperated by the governor passing a bill last year that gave felons the right to vote…because who has our best interest in mind for our communities other than felons, am I right? It certainly doesn’t help the fact that the DMV in Nevada also issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens now…and that these illegal aliens are automatically signed up to vote unless they choose to opt out. So as you see, Nevada already has an enormous election integrity issue.

Well, now the situation grows worse as a team of Democrats lead by Clinton’s ex-lawyer recently sued the state demanding that ballot harvesting be enacted and that inactive voters receive ballots. If you’ve ever wondered how Democrats get dead people to vote for them, stealing inactive voter ballots is the easiest way.

And what did Clark County do? Rolled over and allowed for ballot harvesting and inactive ballots to go out!

And so it begins, even though this is just the Republican primary, hordes of loose, unclaimed ballots are littering apartment complexes across the state.

Multitudes of ballots of long dead people and ex-spouses that haven’t lived at residences for years started pouring out of the postal service.


Returned “mystery ballots” like these are already showing up in New Jersey.

If you’re wondering how loose ballots and ballot harvesting enable elections to be easily manipulated, PragerU does an excellent explanative video right here: https://youtu.be/RkLuXvIxFew

I think the Democrats know they cannot beat President Trump this November, so they’re setting themselves up to fraudulently take it instead. Why else would the Left constantly push for ways to make our elections LESS secure?

We need voter ID to secure our elections RIGHT NOW!


Mindy Robinson

Mindy Robinson

I’m an actress known for Range 15, Check Point, and the TV show King of the Nerds, and political patriotic blogger on FB www.facebook.com/iheartmindypage

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