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Democrats Are Working Behind the Scene!

 Democrats Are Working Behind the Scene!

By SheilaG

The Democrats Are Working Behind the Scene

By SheilaG (@TheSheilaG2020)

This article from the Gateway Pundit really is a must read. This article and my conversation with my twitter friend, Chip  who was a LEO for the better part of his life resulted in me doing a lot of thinking.

Former Czech Ambassador Bašta: CIA, FBI and Democrats Are Working Behind the Scenes to Remove President Trump, “It’s a Thing of Dictatorships” thegatewaypundit.com/2019/11/must-r… via @gatewaypundit

MUST READ… Former Czech Ambassador Bašta: CIA, FBI and Democrats Are Working Behind the Scenes to Remove President Trump, “It’s a Thing of Dictatorships”

I have no doubt that Barr and Durham know the coup originated with Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton and Lynch. I do believe Rosenstein and Mueller were  complicit. I believe Barr has the documentation to bring the house down. If and it is if, Barr decides to do anything it will implicate other world leaders as well as democratic and conservative leaders and world organizations.

How will this leave America? Will other countries ever be able to  trust us? Personally, I think it is time to cleanse the US and the world of its corrupt trash. But I am not so sure that is going to happen. I think there is a great possibility that some of the big players are going to get a pass. I think there will be some minor indictments but for the sole purpose of attempting to satisfy us.

So think about this. The people who started  the coup will get a pass while our Congress continues the coup to take down one of the world’s most significant and important

leader’s we have had in our lifetime. Ironic unh!


I recently read an article by the United Nations that it is the population of the middle class that is interfering with their Agenda30 plan for there to be one world order by year 2030.  This simple statement said so much to me. The Clinton Global Initiative was nothing more than the strong arm in America for the United Nations. If you look at the attendees of the CGI meetings  you will find that many are members of both the UN and the Atlantic Council. My research has found many many  of the players in this coup are board members and donors to the Atlantic Council. James Clapper is a board member. George Soros donated tons of money to the Clinton Global Initiative, the Atlantic Council and the Ukraine. The infamous Burisma company heavily funded the Atlantic Council. Look up an annual report for the Atlantic Council. The back pages of the report names the board members, fellows and donors. Adam Schiff’s staffer who recently went to the Ukraine is a fellow. The Atlantic Council is the hub for the deep state. It needs to be dissolved and specific members need to be charged with treason.

But my take away from all of this research is that Trump is just the voice for us – the middle class. He is our only voice and that means they must at any expense, any method dispose of our President to silence us, the middle class.  The Democrats know they do not have enough voters to out vote us. They have to get him off of the ballot. The middle class, since 2016 has never had a place on the Democratic platform. Nothing – zero! They want a two class system – the rich and the working poor. They know we are a passive non violent group. We don’t protest, we don’t destroy public and private property and we don’t beat innocent citizens. The Democrats believe that we won’t go to the polls if Trump isn’t on the ballot. They are probably right on this assessment.

Having said this, the Department of  Justice would be an abysmal failure if they don’t take the House of cards down. . It would be just a new regime aiding and abetting the same old coup.

Will @TheJusticeDept do it’s job and restore what is important to America? If they don’t, does their reputation matter? Typically, dictatorships don’t care about reputations. In fact, did you know the FBI was founded and modeled upon the principles of the mafia? Look it up-it’s on Google. Are we going to accept that the department of justice won’t bring the house down and will let the coup continue? When do we reach the point of enough is enough?  Putin, Poroshenko, Castro and Madura certainly didn’t and don’t care about their reputations. They care about money.

I am sincerely asking for your thoughts. Right now I am beside myself and I don’t have any answers to what I will or can do if the @TheJusticeDept lets us down. I am not advocating violence. However, I am not one to sit back and wait to see what happens either. I don’t have a back up plan.

The one person who advocates for us is the target. Who do we turn to? Who do we trust before and if they take the President down? We can’t trust Congress or our judges. We have to face the reality that we have some conservatives who are in on the coup. That is really sad isn’t it? But they have proven themselves unworthy of our trust.

They are a significant part of the problem. On Election Day do we turn the US upside down and wherever there is a new conservative candidate running against a career politician we automatically vote for the new one? We are the only ones who can clean house of the elected trash we currently have in. Do we all come together 90 days before the election and go balls to the walls and help each other figure out who to vote out and to vote in? I don’t know. But we do need to start thinking now about what we are going to do.

This could be the election that forever changes America. Please leave comments – I promise to read them.

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