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Democrats: Masterful haters by Don Frost

 Democrats: Masterful haters by Don Frost

Don Frost Author / Contributor for ConservativeChoiceCampaign.com

By Don Frost

            Democrats have done a masterful job of demonizing the Republican Party.
            Recently a good friend quoted an ugly racist remark made by a friend of hers. “He is SUCH a Republican,” my friend said with disgust.
            “I’m a Republican,” I said.
            “Oh, I don’t mean you,” she said quickly. “I know you’re not a racist.”
            Too late. She had inadvertently exposed her anti-Republican bias, a pre-judgement created by a relentless propaganda campaign. The Leftist media has taught her to assume all Republicans are racists and all racists are Republicans. This knee-jerk reaction assumes that if you’re a Republican, you hate Hispanics, Jews, black Americans, Muslims, homosexuals, and poor people, basically any minority, except women, who are a majority. Still, if you’re a man, and a Republican, the Left assumes you hate women, that you’re part of something the Left has labeled ominously, “the war on women.”
            This propaganda is quite organized, not overtly by the Democratic National Committee, of course, just by the party’s faithful and the “liberal” media, but no doubt with the party’s tacit approval. There are websites dedicated to hatred of Republicans. A Google search turns up The Anti-Republican Crusaders, Evil GOP Bastards, and Republicans Are A Disease, to name a few.
            Republicans fight back, of course, with similar websites, but they just don’t get the traction and national exposure the anti-GOP propaganda commands. They certainly don’t get the support and publicity that the hate mongers on the Left get from late-night and daytime talk show hosts on Left-leaning mainstream media.
            Republicans and Democrats have never been heart-friends. But there was always civility and respect. That is, until 2008. “Hope and change.” That was the Democrats’ rallying cry in that election year. It turns out the country got no change at all; that it was still politics as usual in Washington. As for hope, that was exposed as pretty much a pipe dream by 2010 or 2011.
            But there was one dramatic change in that fateful election year of 2008. We got a Democratic president, Barack Obama, and for eight years the Left had a new spiritual leader. My, oh my, how bold and shameless the haters became under his tutelage.
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