• May 20, 2024

Democrats – the party of racism, discrimination, inequality and intolerance

It is no secret that the Democratic party historically, was pro racism and pro discrimination. While quite a few people are not aware, or refuse to accept  a historical FACT that the democrats fought to keep slavery alive, it is still an irrefutable fact.

Today, we see the proof as almost every day occurrence. However, the biggest problem we as patriots are faced with, is penetration of liberal democratic racists and bigots on every level of our society.

In schools and colleges our children are taught that racism is O.K. if it is directed towards white people.

If a liberal burns an american flag – they are protected by first amendment, but if a conservative burns and LGBTQ flag – they get incarcerated.

Liberal policies allow Al Qaeda leaders not only freely enter United States but get disability benefits for the very same wounds that were inflicted on them by our troops fighting terrorists. Meanwhile our veterans go hungry and homeless.

Our so called “representatives” openly incite violence, call for people to aide and abate criminals, lie on national television and spew racist, antisemitic, intolerant rhetoric without any consequences.

It is O.K. for liberal morons to physically attack people that disagree with their view but conservatives get jail time for protecting themselves from the very same attacks.

The very organization that is responsible for genocide of entire population of people has a free reign on a liberal TV network. Why are we fighting Al Qaeda but allowing this group to have time to our national television?

Liberalism is a disease, that is not only plagues a fairly large percentage of our population but also government employees and elected officials. Sad part that Lenin, who is so adored by the left and the soicalists also called leftism and liberalism a disease.

We should ask ourselves, how could we have let this happen. Why were we so complacent when generations of children were being indoctrinated in schools. Most importantly, what are we going to do about it? What can we do about it?

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