• May 19, 2024

Democrats Who Have Allowed Crime to Flourish in Chicago Outraged About Closure of Walmart Stores (VIDEO)

 Democrats Who Have Allowed Crime to Flourish in Chicago Outraged About Closure of Walmart Stores (VIDEO)

As we recently noted, Walmart is closing four stores in Chicago.

The leadership at Walmart never came out and said it, but shoplifting and theft are obviously the problem that has led to these stores losing millions and deciding to close.

And now, the Democrats who run Chicago and have allowed crime to flourish in the city, are outraged at Walmart for pulling out of the community.

Book Club Chicago reports:

South Side Leaders Demand Meeting With Walmart, Threaten Boycott As Mega-Retailer Closes 4 Neighborhood Stores

Aziz Rupshi was at the doctor’s office with his mother when he found out Chatham’s Walmart, where he owns and operates a Subway sandwich shop, would soon close.

Rupshi has run his shop inside the South Side Walmart for years, he said. The grocery store is constantly humming with customers, Rupshi said.

Rupshi got the word as many others did: local news.

“I looked it up at the TV [at the doctor’s office], and I was like, ‘That’s our store.’ Nobody told us. No notification, no nothing,” Rupshi said.

Rupshi joined fellow business owners, South Side community leaders and elected officials in a Thursday protest outside the Chatham store to excoriate Walmart officials for abruptly closing four full-service locations, primarily on the South and West sides, due to poor sales…

Walmart officials should “put the brakes on” and meet with the community before closing up shop Sunday, Pfleger said.

If the company refuses to cooperate, leaving communities with “large, empty buildings and a desert of resources,” leaders are prepared to host another demonstration outside an Evergreen Park location, Pfleger said. They’ll also boycott the company, he said.

“If Walmart leaves us, we will leave Walmart,” Pfleger said.

Walmart has demonstrated “corporate racism and corporate greed,” Alderman-elect William Hall (6th) said. If Walmart doesn’t agree to invest in the community, “we will disinvest across the nation,” Hall said.

See the video below:

Local leaders are outside of Chatham’s Walmart demanding the store remains open 2 days after corporate officials announced they’d close the store this weekend. A pharmacy at the location will close May 12. Neighbors received a 5-day notice. @BlockClubCHIpic.twitter.com/oGHkwEPk7p

— Atavia Reed (@ataviawrotethis) April 13, 2023

If people in Chicago are angry about Walmart leaving, they should direct their rage at these community leaders who have

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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