• March 21, 2023



Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

By Frank D. Lovell


So, what else are the Dems up to? Maybe Kamala Harris & California Gov Gavin Newsom for the next Presidential election. I think the Dems are ready to get rid of Biden, they can’t continue to win with him, he is a liability. He served the purpose of getting them into the White House, but they know they cannot keep it with him.

Now we have Dr Deborah Birk the #2 covid “expert” with Anthony Faucci who created the covid policy advising President Trump, his staff, govt agencies, the medical community, corporations & the American people who just published a book (seemingly based on guilt) on how the entire policy was a hoax. Based on no science, studies, research, or medical input.

Some doctors questioned the policy because it conflicted with their knowledge of covid. Some were silenced, banned, and ignored, yet some continued to pursue their covid facts & publicly expressed their concerns. During this time vaccinated Americans were encountering severe medical issues, some dying, some catching covid & spreading it all caused by the vaccines.

What did the covid policy accomplish? Restrictions on people’s freedoms, work, education, social & family events, and our basic social interactions with others. People lost jobs, felt uneasy around others, and some lived in fear of covid. Basically, the covid policy established control by govt over the population, as well as control over the election process. Now the Dems are talking about the possibility of another covid strain appearing before the Nov elections & here we go again.

At this point, the Dems are in panic mode. A recent survey established 50% of the Democrat Hispanic voters have left the party & moved to the Republicans. Basically, not because they love Republicans but because it’s the only avenue open to them to stop the damage to their lives & America. This election in November isn’t about Democrats & Republicans but it is about Democrats & the American people. The more information is revealed the more people, including Democrats, are moving to the Republicans.

If you want to read about dangers to your life, click the Thinking Zone link, & scroll down till ya find something interesting. Doing so will give you a reason to think about your life & decide if events in America are causing you harm. Everything I write is happening, did, or will happen in America to all of us. https://www.facebook.com/The-Thinking-Zone-100490591759896

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Frank D. Lovell
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