• June 24, 2024

Dems Went Down To Ga, WI, MI, AZ, NV and PA Looking for some V-O-T-E-S to Steal

 Dems Went Down To Ga, WI, MI, AZ, NV and PA Looking for some V-O-T-E-S to Steal

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Hey Folks, please go to my Political Parody YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn12…. Please SUBSCRIBE if you arent already! Love you! I wrote, recorded and produced this hilarious elektion parody! Hope you enjoy! and go visit my other YouTube channel YouTube/3truthseeker3 Dems Went Down to GA, WI, MI, NV, AZ and PA to Steal Some Votes Democrats went down to Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona AND PA, lookin for votes to steal With Biden in a bind being way behind with the devil they made a deal And When they came across this GREAT man winning the election by a lot He said, “For 47 years it’s very clear Joe, you ain’t done didli-squat” Joe put on a lid then went and hid and kept his gaffe-trap-shut He never jumped-up on, a campaign-stump, Boy let me tell you what Dems didn’t care they made a dare, an evil plan to screw Once again our President an attempt at another coup Joe said, “Donald Trump you think you’re good but give ol Joe his due” I’ll bet Chinese Gold against the country’s soul that I get more votes than you. Trump said, I’m the President and you aint playin straight And I’ll take your bet, you’re gonna regret, and I’ll make America GREAT, again Donnie rally up your base, your lawyers and bodyguards ‘Cause hell’s broke loose with the voting maybe its HAMR maybe scorecard If you win you’ll get send to jail, Quid Pro Joe So you can’t lose or Socialists take control Biden opened up his mouth, And said “I’ll start this show” And babble flew from lips he said, “come on man you got to go,” He pulled his mask up on his face and continued to persist Unintelligible gibberish, huh, and it sounded something like this When ol’ Joe finished, Trump said “you’re pretty bad ol’ son” Sit down there in your rocking chair and I’ll prove what’s being done ONE AM trump ahead everywhere Then millions of votes magically appear Each one went to CREEPY Joe Just Coincidence? NO HELL NO Trump way ahead when I went to Bed A so-called glitch at 3AM And very single vote for Joe??? Biden – Harris, NO, Hell NO! Joe Biden bowed his head, Oh wait it looks like he fell asleep As Team Trump laid those ballots on the ground at Biden’s feet Trump said “sleepy Joe, you’re never gonna run again Cuz I told you once actually for months, I’m the president That’s ever been!

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