• June 16, 2024

DO Something Mr. President!

 DO Something Mr. President!



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Statues of the founder of our beloved nation, George Washington, are burning.

Statues of Abraham Lincoln are defaced.

Holy war memorials are defaced and destroyed.

Citizens are attacked, raped, murdered.

Entire portions of the country are occupied by communists.

Businesses are continuing to be destroyed.

Disloyal officials continue to flout your orders, in your face Mr. President.

And yet, you do nothing.


Or you will have a civil war on your hands. The people will do what is needed for you.

Remove the traitors from the Department of Defense. Use the Insurrection Act. If it is not for this, what is it for?

This cannot go on. This cannot continue.

Just this morning, people are thinking of taking the law into their own hands to protect their families, their homes, their businesses, their way of life, their beloved America.

The rule of law is crumbling.

These revolutionaries are nothing but Marxist cowards, Leninists, Maoists in race sheep’s clothing.

Deal with them!

I understand the strategy of not giving the Left what they want but you are now at the point of losing voters.

Time is slipping away for America.

Don’t be the president who let that happen.

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