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Doctors: Vaccines turn people’s immune systems against them

 Doctors: Vaccines turn people’s immune systems against them

By JD Heyes

In some medical circles, it has long been suspected that vaccines are not the beneficial weapons against disease they are made out to be, at least not completely. In fact, some find them harmful to human immune systems rather than universally constructive.

As reported by Natural Blaze, some top doctors think that vaccines can actually turn our immune systems against us.

Yehuda Shoenfeld, an Israeli clinician, has spent more than 30 years studying the human immune system and is now at the top of his game. Indeed, he’s no quack or theorist; he wrote many of the textbooks in his profession. So, he knows of what he speaks.

Those textbooks include: The Mosaic of AutoimmunityAutoantibodiesDiagnostic Criteria in Autoimmune DiseasesInfection and AutoimmunityCancer and Autoimmunity, as well as many others. In fact, the complete list consists of 25 titles, with some of them serving as cornerstones of clinical practice. Shoenfeld is so renowned in his field, in fact, that he’s been dubbed the “Godfather of Autoimmunology,” which is the study of the immune system as it responds to a bevy of disease processes ranging from Type 1 diabetes to multiple sclerosis and cancers.

Yet, as Natural Blaze notes:

…[S]omething strange is happening in the world of immunology lately and a small evidence of it is that the Godfather of Autoimmunology is pointing to vaccines — specifically, some of their ingredients including the toxic metal aluminum — as a significant contributor to the growing global epidemic of autoimmune diseases [Related: Stay current on vaccines and related information at Vaccines.news.]

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In fact, over the past 15 years, research has produced a larger body of evidence in this area of autoimmunology. In the past five years, the evidence has really accelerated. For example, a recent article published in the journal Pharmacological Research features Shoenfeld and colleagues issuing unprecedented guidelines identifying four categories of people who they say are most at risk of vaccine-induced autoimmunity.

The paper’s authors write that, “on one hand,” vaccines can prevent infections which can trigger autoimmunity. “On the other hand, many reports that describe post-vaccination autoimmunity strongly suggest that vaccines can indeed trigger autoimmunity,” they note. Autoimmune diseases that can be triggered after vaccination include lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus SLE), arthritis, diabetes, thrombocytopenia. Vasculitis Guillain-Barre syndrome, demyelinating disorders and others.

“Almost all types of vaccines have been reported to be associated with the onset of ASIA,” the wrote.

ASIA—Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants — which is also known as Shoenfeld’s syndrome — first appeared in the Journal of Autoimmunity about four years ago, Natural Blaze reported. It’s a catch-all term for a host of similar symptoms that include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which can result following exposure to an adjuvant; an environmental element that includes common ingredients found in vaccines designed to stimulate the immune system. [RELATED: Stay current with all the latest disease research at Prevention.news.]

Using ASIA as a standard, a large body of research has been gathered to help researchers begin to understand how environmental toxins, in particular the aluminum found in many vaccines, can trigger a severe autoimmune response in those who are susceptible, which can then lead to a pervasive autoimmune disease.

“Throughout our lifetime the normal immune system walks a fine line between preserving normal immune reactions and developing autoimmune diseases,” the paper says. “The healthy immune system is tolerant to self-antigens. When self-tolerance is disturbed, dysregulation of the immune system follows, resulting in emergence of an autoimmune disease. Vaccination is one of the conditions that may disturb this homeostasis in susceptible individuals, resulting in autoimmune phenomena and ASIA.”

As we reported in 2016, studies have shown that aluminum found in vaccines is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other neurological conditions. That’s important, considering that dementia and Alzheimer’s are now the leading causes of death around the world, surpassing even heart disease.

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