• June 22, 2024

Dr. Turley: Biden Will Be Indicted on Multiple Felonies

 Dr. Turley: Biden Will Be Indicted on Multiple Felonies


Dt. Steven Turley believes Joe Biden will be indicted on multiple felonies. He also believes the IRS scandal could bring down the entire deep state.

Turley predicts Biden will be indicted for multiple felonies, and the entire Biden family and Deep State will go down.

He cites Victor Davis Hanson who said Biden will be indicted. More than that, he thinks Hanson’s point on the IRS scandal bringing down the deep state has merit.

He contends that people know Hunter schemed to hide illicit activities and they know Joe Biden was complicit. Turley reviews the evidence in the clip. This is despite the Marxist media. Turley said Hanson’s main point is that an increasing number of people are finding out about the IRS also having different rules for Americans than for the Bidens. Hanson believes that now that it has reached the IRS, an institution we all have to deal with, millions of Americans could revolt.

Turley explains the logic:

You can have corruption in the Justice Department, but … it’s still pretty far removed from the average American. But every American has to pay taxes… Every taxpaying American has to deal with the IRS right? … not until now has the IRS itself ever been under a shadow of such corruption as per the IRS whistleblower on Hunter Biden.

We now know that the IRS had in its possession a WhatsApp text message for all to see between Hunter Biden and the Chinese Communist party official that claimed that Joe Biden was in the room when Hunter was sending it. And it was a threat that if this Chinese official didn’t come up with millions of dollars and send it to Hunter, that Joe would get even.

The IRS knew about Joe and Hunter’s illicit financial activities and Hanson’s point here is that an increasing number of Americans are finding out about this, and he ends up asking the simple question — has the IRS ever applied so blatantly, deliberately, and explicitly one standard of tax enforcement to the elite while at the same time applying quite another to everyday America?

If any one of us had ever been found sending out text messages like that, we’d be in court. The IRS would be down our throats, but here’s the problem. If a critical mass of Americans come to believe that charge of unequal treatment and tax compliance were indeed true, then Humpty Dumpty-like, the entire American system of revenue collection would shatter.”

Turley quoted the statistics that the majority of voters think Biden is corrupt. More will come around as more information gets out.

What do you think of that possibility? Could the IRS scandal bring down the deep state bureaucracy of corruption?

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