• July 13, 2024

E. Jean Carroll Trial Is Going Swimmingly

There isn’t much point in going into E. Jean Carroll raising her voice during cross, or the judge scolding the Trump lawyer Mr. Tacopina for pressing her too much. None of that matters. The case is a nonsense suit. Ms. Carroll has no idea what day or month, or year this alleged rape took place. It was 1995 or 1996 – she thinks. She doesn’t even know what she was raped with. It was his fingers, his male genital, then it was back to the fingers.

E. Jean Carroll
The NY Times:

The lawyer pressed Ms. Carroll repeatedly about basic facts, probing for inconsistencies and asking about her inability to remember precisely when in 1995 or 1996 the encounter occurred.

“I wish to heaven we could give you a date,” she replied.

Ms. Carroll had earlier testified in the trial that during the attack, Mr. Trump inserted his fingers into her vagina, “which was extremely painful.” Then, she said, he inserted his penis.

Mr. Tacopina, during his cross-examination, asked Ms. Carroll what she did after arriving home that night. She said that she remembers that her “vagina still hurt from his fingers.”

Basically, this civil trial, way beyond any statute of limitations, is impossible for Donald Trump to defend. If he doesn’t have a date, how can he come up with an alibi? If she doesn’t even remember how the rape went down, how is this a case?

Donald Trump is in a position of having to prove his innocence without any way to do it.

Mr. Trump’s attorney Mr. Tacopina suggested the case is political. Ms. Carroll voted Democrat since the 1990s.

Mr. Tacopina had Ms. Carroll confirm she had not gone to a doctor and had no medical records or photographs documenting physical injuries. She also confirmed she had never gone to the police.

She has NO evidence. Why is this a case?

Carroll also doesn’t remember if she said “No” or not.

This is the Kavanaugh case redux. It was absurd, impossible to defend, and politically driven.

Carroll has been an advice columnist for Elle, and we’d advise you not to ask for her advice.


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