• May 20, 2024

Embalmer: “Dirty Blood” and “Little Band-Aids” After Vax Rollout

Funeral director and embalmer Laura Jeffery, with 27 years experience, testified at the National Citizens Inquiry in Toronto, Ontario. She explained that in the beginning months of 2021 (after the vaccine rollout), she began seeing “unusual deaths with a band-aid” on people’s shoulders. Jeffery saw “a little, tiny bandaid on everybody’s shoulder” that she was embalming.

There was scarring on their shoulders.

Miss Jeffery began to notice anomalies in the blood of people she was embalming starting in the beginning months of 2021. She described the blood as “more viscous” (thicker, darker, and more sticky) and saw it “in every single person.”  Jeffery also began noticing tiny pieces of “pinhead-sized” clots. She referred to this anomalous blood as “dirty blood.”

Jeffery began to pull “white fiber masses” from the circulatory systems of the people she was embalming. The masses were “stretchy” and “not easily broken.” She said the masses were “plugging” the circulatory system and creating “an exact cast of the inside of a person’s artery.”

She said that the masses were “something new” that she had not seen before the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. Laura Jeffery said that medical examiners were not performing autopsies on the anomalous deaths she was seeing. She noted that “way less” autopsies were being performed than usual. She was “seeing a decrease from the norm” even though she thought there were “more deaths that should have been investigated.”



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