• June 22, 2024

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s not about a virus anymore…

 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s not about a virus anymore…

MIKE CARGILE A Family Man -Veteran- A Choice in the Right Direction

Virtually none of what’s going on now has anything to do with safety and everything to do with control.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been combating a Chinese bioweapon of unknown strength and lethality. We did exactly as we should have. We hunkered down and braced for the worst. But now, we know what we’re up against. The virus isn’t a death sentence for 99% of us. From the antibody testing we know there is absolutely no way to stop the spread of virus. All more tests will reveal is that more people have been exposed to it than thought, and they’re not dead. Most of them didn’t even know they had it.

But, today is a new day. And every death… from this point forward… is the direct responsibility of Democrat party leadership. People are dying from Covid-19, but they’re not dying from the virus, they’re dying from an incompetent response to the virus.

These people want to run every aspect of our lives! They want to dictate what we wear, what we eat, what we watch, what we believe, how much money we make. They want us enslaved to the government and then THEY want to run that government. They want to be responsible for everything…

So from this point on, they are. From this point on, they are responsible for…

Every business that goes under because it couldn’t get Payroll Protection in time.

Every suicide that occurs because of an inability to provide for food or shelter for one’s family.

And every suicide that results from depression because they are out of work or couldn’t visit a therapist.

Every new drug addict and every new overdose because someone lost their job or couldn’t get treatment because the entire medical world basically shut down for everything else.

Every doctor or nurse who is fired or has their wages cut because the hospital was forced to focus on a singular issue and lost all the income from other treatments and surgeries.

Every person who dies because they didn’t get screened for cancer or some other disease in time or couldn’t get treatment because it was considered “elective”.

Like I said in the video, when you flatten the curve you also widen it. If we go any longer like this, the Covid-19 deaths will be catastrophic, but it won’t be because of a virus.

Dr. Fauci says we can’t just turn it all back on like a light switch. I say “you turned it off like a light switch, you can turn it back on.” Let my people go and let us all get back to work!

Mike Cargile

PS. From now until November, we will be in a fight for our very existence. I’m willing to take point, but I need to know you’ve got my back. If you can support the effort, I’d sure appreciate it. You can simply text: Cargile2020 to 225-25 and be a crucial part of it.

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