• May 27, 2024

Evidence ‘Sleepy Joe’ Is Nowhere Close to President Trump as 2020 Vote Approaches – You Can’t Make an Apple Out of a Garbage Dump

 Evidence ‘Sleepy Joe’ Is Nowhere Close to President Trump as 2020 Vote Approaches – You Can’t Make an Apple Out of a Garbage Dump

Don’t believe the BS polls and media claims about ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden.  He is not in the lead.  He is barely awake – literally.

We predicted the 2016 election result a few days before the election.  Of course, we wanted President Trump to win the election but we had evidence too.

Election Prediction 2016: Current Trend Lines Show Trump Will Win in Landslide

The media was looking at BS polls that over-sampled Democrats and included other material sampling errors and regurgitated the results in different ways. What they didn’t comprehend was that Hillary was a horrible candidate.

We looked at the real data that we could get our hands around and measure and we determined Trump would win in a likely landslide and he did in the electoral college vote.  We knew the polls were garbage and we looked for data we could measure.

One key measurement we performed in 2016 was to count and tabulate the number of individuals at Trump and Hillary events.  We saw this with our own eyes but we also measured this data starting in August after the party conventions.  What we saw was startling. We noted:

We have kept track of the number of participants at both Trump and Hillary rallies since the conventions in July. Since August 1stTrump has crushed Hillary in these events. Trump rallies have accumulated more than 710,000 in August through October while Hillary’s only at 60,000. These numbers are so huge they cannot be ignored!

We also looked at social media impact by each candidate.  What we found was Trump crushed Hillary in this measurement as well.

We then mentioned the Bernie factor and lawn signs.  We predicted that a number of individuals who backed Bernie Sanders would not back Hillary.  We based this upon personal experience where individuals in our lives were not backing Hillary but were enamored with Bernie.  We also noted that there were no Hillary signs anywhere.  If you drove around states like Missouri or Iowa or Ohio, all you saw was Trump posters and banners and flags.

Based on this Biden is worse off than Hillary

While the MSM promotes BS polls again, the facts show a different picture.  But this hasn’t stopped the MSM from pushing crazy stories like Trump is so far behind he will drop out of the race.  These efforts are nothing but gas lighting, again, in an effort to manipulate the vote and discourage Trump supporters.  But we already know from 2016 that this BS won’t work.  As a matter of fact, Trump supporters know its BS now more than ever.

So what do we know.  Well

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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