• September 27, 2023

Evidence the Bidens Are Racketeering & Have Offshore Accounts

 Evidence the Bidens Are Racketeering & Have Offshore Accounts

The IRS whistleblowers have documents showing that the Bidens probably have offshore accounts. Additionally, Rep. Comer has obtained the 170 suspicious Biden bank transactions.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Former Representative Devin Nunes told the Fox audience he doesn’t believe Joe Biden will be the candidate. He said they will carry him through the primary, and then he’ll step down. The Obamas will pick who they want. I agree with him and think it will be too late to vet the person or besmirch him or her.

What do you think?

Watch what could be a Freudian Slip:


On Thursday, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said that banks turned over more than 170 suspicious transactions that Comer states implicate multiple members of the Biden family.

Comer subpoenaed the information from banks.

Rep. Comer, speaking on the podcast for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), said the Treasury Department now possesses the transactions that banks have flagged for review.


Wires from foreign state-owned entities, including the Chinese government, were included in the pile of documents. Comer suggested the transactions suggest laundering money on American shores.

One of the transactions concerned the $3 million wire from China to Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker. He received the money in an inactive account with a $50,000 balance. Within a day, Walker sent the money to multiple members of the Biden family through shell companies.

Banks are legally required to file Suspicious Activity Reports if they suspect a transaction related to criminal activity. Rep. Comer highlighted one SAR connected to a $3 million wire from China to Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker. This money was received in an inactive account that had maintained a $50,000 balance for ten years before the significant wire transaction from China.

“When you set up a bunch of shell companies for the sole purpose of laundering money, that’s called racketeering,” said Rep. Comer. “That’s exactly what it is, and it was organized. This is like organized crime.”


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