• May 28, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Over 500 Vanguard Employees Stand Together For Medical Freedom Against Covid Mandates

 EXCLUSIVE: Over 500 Vanguard Employees Stand Together For Medical Freedom Against Covid Mandates

Over 500 employees at Vanguard have formed a group called “Vaccination by Choice Support Group,” made up of both vaccinated and unvaccinated members who are passionate about medical freedom and believe medical decisions should be a personal choice. This group provides an inclusive environment to share concerns and find support during these uncertain times. For many, they are concerned about job security and have spoken with HR and CEO Tim Buckley about their concerns.

All crew members who share concerns and wish to join this group can do so by searching Yammer for the name of the group, and clicking on the link to join the private teams channel.

Thus far, Vanguard is not requiring the Covid jab as a condition of employment and is allowing for remote work to continue, but they have given no indication as to whether this will be their permanent stance or when that might change.

To date, the group has had a few meetings with HR to share their concerns about the vaccine requirement to return to campus, the ambiguity of the return to office plans for unvaccinated and those who chose not to report their status causing a feeling of no guarantee of future job security, natural immunity being completely ignored, testing not offered as an option for those that want to return to campus, and many believe it is not the role of employers to require vaccination as a term of employment.

In early 2021, Vanguard informed its employees that the Covid-19 jab would be a personal decision much like the flu jab, but in August that all changed, and they began requiring the jab for those returning to campus, while still not making it a condition of employment, thus far. Up until this date Vanguard has not accepted the submission of exemptions or accommodation requests because everyone was still working remotely. However, this could all change with their new “Returning to Office” plan on the horizon.

In an effort to get more specifics and share their concerns, the group recently reached out to CEO Tim Buckley. He assured them that their perspective has been part of the conversation and that they are aware of the group and justRead More

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