• April 15, 2024

EXXON Dumps the LGBT and BLM Flags After Toxic Disney’s Loss

 EXXON Dumps the LGBT and BLM Flags After Toxic Disney’s Loss


A day after Floridians ditched Disney’s special self-governing district and as it loses $41 billion in shareholder value, EXXON stopped flying the LGBT and BLM flags. There is a price to pay, even for rich and powerful corporations.

Disney took toxic positions based on groups bullying them, and they in turn tried to bully Florida. Unfortunately for Disney, governors and the parents they represent still have more power than they do.

Disney represented childhood innocence. But now it represents gender ideology and the sexualization of children.

Newsweek reported:

“Oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil will not allow the traditional LGBTQ rights flag to be flown outside its offices during Pride month in June, a move the company said is not meant to diminish its diversity commitment.

“Updated company guidance, which was seen by Bloomberg News, bans ‘external position flags’ such as those used for gay pride or Black Lives Matter occasions.

Exxon is the first company to break ranks.

We need more neutral corporations, not virtue signalers who join the radicals trying to change the culture. Where are the supporters of wholesome American values? When did companies decide to support radical Marxists who burn down buildings or sexualize children?

Disney was at $134.08 a share prior to CEO Bob Chapek’s whiney outcry in support of a K-3 transgender curriculum in the schools. On Friday, It closed at $118.27.

The company also lost its special tax break. They bullied Florida over a perfectly reasonable parents’ rights bill. Then they LIED about the bill. Disney tried to say it was a “Don’t Say Gay” bill when it doesn’t mention “gay” or gender anywhere.

The LGBTQ PRIDE group representing EXXON is protesting and won’t represent them in Houston’s Parade. Maybe EXXON should get involved in something besides BLM and PRIDE such as Blue Lives Matter.

Finally, some pushback, but we need far more as the WOKEs try to destroy America.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board warns:

“There’s a warning here to other companies, especially Big Tech and Wall Street, which are mainly based in liberal states but conduct business everywhere. If they try to impose their cultural values, they risk losing Republican allies on the policy issues that matter most to their bottom lines, such as regulation, trade, taxation, antitrust and labor law. Polls show rising GOP hostility to big business, and that is likely to be reflected when Republicans take power.

“If good tax policy can’t pass Congress because Republican voters are furious about cultural imperialism from the C-suite, that’s bad for the country. It’s also bad for business. The Disney lesson for CEOs is to stay out of these divisive cultural fights. The lesson for political partisans in the workplace is that their bosses run the office, but they don’t run the country.”

We hope more companies follow but they will only do it if the silent majority speaks out. Get angry – speak!

Franklin Graham wrote that “LGBTQ activists are using corporations to force their agenda on the public, and companies may want to take another look at what they are allowing to happen. Disney has gone too far. The people of Florida have revolted, and it’s going to cost @Disney big time.”

It is a mystery why anyone would trust Disney again. The company officials made it clear that their programming will heavily involve gender ideology. Most people want their children to be free of ideologies and maintain their innocence.

These people are not looking out for children. This is all age-inappropriate:
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