• April 20, 2024

Far-Left PBS Creates Documentary Praising Speaker Pelosi, Never Mentions Her Corrupt Actions and Failed Policies that are Destroying America

PBS released a documentary praising Nancy Pelosi.  The many years of corruption for personal gain and her America-destroying policies were not mentioned. 

PBS released a documentary that is so biased it is shocking.  The Pelosi propaganda piece was reported on by FOX News:

PBS’ “Frontline” series released a documentary highlighting the career of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which praised the seasoned lawmaker as railing against the “white capitalist patriarchy” system.

“Frontline” filmmaker Michael Kirk produced “Pelosi’s Power,” which was released in March, spent a majority of the 78 minutes praising the 82-year-old California lawmaker.

“A gripping and unprecedented look at the life and legacy of the first woman Speaker of the House: how she has gained and wielded power across three decades, and how she has handled grave challenges to her leadership and to American democracy from former President Donald Trump and his allies,” PBS’s description of the episode states.

The documentary featured a wide-array of supporters of Pelosi and few detractors and often framed opposition to her being based in sexism. Featured supporters of Pelosi included; former advisor to President Obama David Axelrod, political activist and her daughter Christine Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, and other liberal figures. Most of the testimonies praised Pelosi’s political wit and breaking down barriers for women.

The one-sided portrayal of Pelosi, one of the most disgusting political profiteers in America today, is a promotion, not an appraisal.

While Pelosi was in Congress we’ve seen the national debt skyrocket from $2 trillion in 1987 to over $30 trillion today.  Despite this, the Pelosi family has benefitted handsomely during this time.  Her husband is making a killing on the markets using insider information.

During the COVID lockdowns, while many Americans went unemployed and were barely getting by, Pelosi famously shared a glimpse inside her kitchen with $25,000 refrigerators and freezers full of specialty ice cream.

Pelosi said “that’s the way it is” about Biden’s record-setting inflation and at the same time put together the unconstitutional ‘proxy voting’ that is practiced by the House under her rule.  The inflation is just another tax on the American people during her time in office.

PELOSI LOGIC: First Action Congress Takes After News of 7.9% Record Inflation is to Pass Another $1.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Pelosi hated President Trump who loved the American people.  She did everything she could to harass the President.  She pushed through two unconstitutional impeachments based on lies in an effort to hurt the President and his enormous base.  She then was behind the Jan 6 investigation, also set up on lies that she no doubt was part of, in another unconstitutional action under her rule.

Pelosi Refuses to Hand Over Emails and Videos from Jan 6 Claiming “Sovereign Immunity”

Pelosi’s son has been involved in five investigations and somehow he always goes free.  President Trump got to the point where he knew she could not be trusted with America’s secrets. He never notified her about the killing of the barbaric leader of ISIS Abu Al-Baghdadi near the Syrian–Turkish border.

BOOM! President Trump DID NOT Notify Pelosi: “No, I Didn’t. I Wanted to Make Sure This Was Kept Secret. I Don’t Want to Have Men Lost and Women” (VIDEO)

The Nancy Pelosi that America knows is either evil or insane or both.  She is not a statesman and she is not good for this country.  She has been behind its destruction.

What Was This? Nancy Pelosi Stood Up and Cheered When Biden Talked About Soldiers Breathing in Toxic Smoke from Burn Pits

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