• May 20, 2024

Finally the layers of the DEEP STATE start to open !

 Finally the layers of the DEEP STATE start to open !


The term “DEEP STATE ” refers to shadowy networks of individuals within governments that work to undermine the political body of that nation!

BREAKING: ICIG Michael Atkinson, who modified whistle-blower forms & allowed hearsay CIA leaker, was chief legal counsel for DOJ-NSD over #KevinClinesmith & #SallyMoyer who may have FALSIFIED @FBI DOCUMENTS to Obtain ILLEGAL #FISA WARRANTS Against @realDonaldTrump campaign! pic.twitter.com/ym6mqF0gxz

— John Basham (@JohnBasham) November 22, 2019

wife of Michael Atkinson, the rogue ICIG who prompted Ukraine impeachment, was tagged in Iaakov Apelbaum’s opus on Nellie Ohr links, as an associate of Mary Jacoby (wife of Fusion Glenn Simpson)https://t.co/2RFAzBGiRJ pic.twitter.com/5V0cAmpxi3

— Stephen McIntyre (@ClimateAudit) November 29, 2019

Its’s time for Patriots to stand up! 


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