• February 25, 2024

Flimsy Impeachment Imploding on Democrats

 Flimsy Impeachment Imploding on Democrats

by Rush Limbaugh

USH: My God. Based on everything we’ve heard leading up to today and we get two of the flimsiest articles of impeachment that don’t even specify any crimes. What happened to bribery? What happened to the quid pro quo? What happened to the whistleblower? What happened to all of the shocking abuses of power? They’re all gone.

And then one hour after Pelosi signals this she then calls a press conference with the rest of her geriatric Democrat committee chairmen to claim that they have just passed the NAFTA upgrade. They’ve been sitting on it for a year. She goes ahead and authorizes the Democrats to vote for it as a means of protecting the 31 Democrats in Trump districts who won in 2018 in the midterms.

Now, I’m gonna tell you something, and it’s gonna fly in the face of what you may be thinking on your own and what you no doubt are seeing if you’re watching any cable news. I’m telling you this is all imploding on the Democrats, and they know it. And the Trump people are very happy and they’re very content today. Their White House Christmas party’s going on this week, and they are filled with revelry and good cheer.

“Rush, you’re smoking something. What do you mean the Democrats are imploding?” They are imploding! I’m gonna go through all of this as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears today. This is one of these days where I can’t even get close to getting to all of it in the first segment here. So it’s not a trick to tell you it’s gonna take me some time to go through this. But folks, I try to do this as thoroughly and with as much anticipation of questions you might have as you to listen me as I can, because the objective here is to make the complex understandable.

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